Powerhouse of the NFL?

This year in the NFL has been a strange, wacky, crazy year so far and its only week 3!

From my point of view there is maybe two or three strong looking teams, that look as though they can maintain consistency.  Lets look at each division to see how many teams are the actually leaders of their division.


AFC Standings

AFC East

New York Jets 2-1

New England Patriots 2-1

Miami Dolphins 2-1

Buffalo Bills 0-3

This division is arguably the most competitive at the moment with 3 different teams having a shot at wining it, all have shown their strengths and their weaknesses. Miami barely lost to the Jets. Patriots barely held on to beat the Bills and Jets beat the Patriots. If i had to go with one team right now. I choose the Jets to get a hold on this division.

Big Game next- New England at Miami

AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers 3-0

Baltimore Ravens 2-1

Cincinnati Bengals 2-1

Cleveland Browns 0-3

This division is slightly clearer to me, even though many predicted Baltimore to run away with it under the power of Ray Rice. Unfortunately he has under-performed greatly. Unless he kicks into gear, I believe Pittsburgh gets a hold on this division. They have over-performed their expectations, especially with a third-string QB at the helm. Once Big Ben returns, they do have a chance to run away with it. Cincinnati is a bubble team with unknown expectations.

Big Game next- Baltimore at Pittsburgh

AFC South

Houston Texans 2-1

Indianapolis Colts 2-1

Tennessee Titans 2-1

Jacksonville Jaguars 1-2

With a group of fun teams to watch and play against each other this is another league where anything might happen. Can the Texans continue to win or will they falter like past years? Will the Colts running game kick it into gear to take pressure off a Peyton Manning? And with the Titans quietly staying in the running, with the running of Chris Johnson, can they take a lead? Who knows? All I know is that the Jaguars look bad.

Next Big Game- Jacksonville at Indianapolis (who knows, a long shot but maybe an upset)


AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs 3-0

Oakland Raiders 1-2

San Diego Chargers 1-2

Denver Broncos 1-2

Weird right? Is Kansas City the real deal or have they just played crappy teams so far? We will find out soon after their bye this week they are at Indianapolis and at Houston, this will prove their worth. (Kansas City has given up the least points-38 next to the Steelers-33). If I have to pick a sleeper out of any of the teams in the NFL, I would choose Denver. Their passing game is becoming deadly with young stars such as Jabar Gaffney and Brandon Lloyd. If Kansas City falters, Denver could pounce.

Next Big Game- San Diego at Oakland in 2 weeks. (See if any of these two come to life)


NFC Standings

NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles 2-1

Washington Redskins 1-2

Dallas Cowboys 1-2

New York Giants 1-2

Philadelphia leading the way.....under Micheal Vick?! With Vick back the Eagles become a potent team with a high chance of winning this division early while the other three teams beat up on each other for second place. The Cowboys and Redskins are on and off teams, I believe the the Cowboys kick it into gear and stay just behind the Eagles with the Redskins not to far behind. The Giants just look sloppy, like a bad bowl of grits.

Next Big Game- Washington at Philadelphia


NFC North

Chicago Bears 3-0 (gag)

Green Bay Packers 2-1

Minnesota Vikings 1-2

Detroit Lions 0-3 (sigh)

If anybody told me this is what the standings would be before the season began I would laugh. We all knew Jay Cutler was good QB, and under Martz system he is now flourishing. I still choose the Packers to win and the Bears and Vikings to fight for second place. With our beloved Lions in dead last once again but proving to the NFL we are not a second bye week for teams. (And as I said before keep on rowing brothers)

Next Big Game- Detroit at Green Bay (Only by a miracle does Detroit win)


NFC South

Atlanta Falcons 2-1

New Orleans Saints 2-1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-1

Carolina Panthers 0-3

While I still believe the Saints are best team in the NFL I also believe the Falcons are one of few teams who can beat them as was proven last Sunday. Unfortunately the Falcons have a harder schedule in the next 5 weeks.But the next time these two teams meet, in the second to last game of the year. It will be for the division title. The Buccaneers look good, but need a few more weapons and will not be able to keep up with Atlanta and NO. Carolina, IMO, is the worst team of the NFL right now.

Next Big Game- Carolina at New Orleans (not a big game but you never know what might happen)


NFC West

Seattle Seahawks 2-1

Arizona Cardinals 2-1

St. Louis Rams 1-2

San Francisco 49ers  0-3

This division is just a mess of uncertainty. The 49ers were supposed to run away with the division because of the "weak" opponents it had to face, but now that they are 0-3, a lot of question marks arise. With Sam Bradford at the helm for the Rams, they don't look half bad. Unfortunately for Arizona, a QB is what they need with the failed project of Matt Leinart. Now they are stuck with Derek Anderson to battle for the division. The Seahawks weakness is consistency, being able to play well two weeks in a row. I still believe the 49ers will awaken and then this division will be blown wide open. Who will grab the chance?

Next Big Game- Seattle at St. Louis



Now I know these are very early observations seeing how we are only approaching week 4 but IMO the next 2-3 weeks decide who are the Powerhouses and who are the Duds.



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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