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  Obviously getting the win by any means neccisary is obviously becoming more and more important as the weeks tick by. Still as has been said before we should consider are team less than a expansion franchise at this point. We didn't get to pick players from other teams but we do have to start from scratch. This weekend we play the Green Bay Packers in the legendary Lambeu field. We have not won this game sense 1991. Things were much diffrent then #1 being Brett Favre was sitting on a bench in Atlanta. Wow thing of everthing that has happened in well over a decade thats a big hill to climb. Needless to say we may need some extra Kool-aid after this sunday. Some of us may not talk to each one another for a few days so lets enjoy it for now LOL.  Taking one look at are injury report I keep thinking of Metallica Broken, Beat and Scarred. Once again the injury bug is setting in the D for a stay. Best could play with a grade 2 turf toe this is gonna hurt. Even if he plays Best is without a doubt are best weapon right now even at %90 we need him to carry this team if we have any chance. Stafford has begun throwing this week so fingers crossed he will be %100 soon. So onto this weeks list 10 things I am looking for from this team. Wanna take a sec to give HUGE props to the big man. Corey Williams you were a BEAST sunday thanks for giving it your all even when we were falling behind.

1. Penaltys- Boys air out your laundry elsewere. We as a team are commiting to many big penaltys but I have to say the refs are getting carried away. The Packers drew 18 penaltys last week. If they do that and we still can't keep this game close. We have no one to blame but are selfs.

2. Black and Blue divison- If we want this game and I mean REALLY want this game we have to fight. Suh and Corey did a great job last week in a losing effort. We need that from 11 guys on all sides of the ball or we lose thats it. I want physical punishment. Steelers play the Ravens this week lets make that look like a day at Chuck-E-Cheeze.

3. WTF?- Wade and Houston thats all I gotta say. You two looked below pedestrian last week. This week we get Donald Driver and Greg Jennings we desperatly need you two to STEP IT UP! Play like you belong in the NFL or get out. I know there young but I have seen very little from the duo that has showin me any promise. Could it be last years secondary was better?

4. SACK- Rodgers still has the same O-line but he is getting sacked alot less. Are job is to fix that get on him hard and early. Make him uneasy from the first snap to the last. This could be are only true way to win by making Rodgers game shaky.

5. K Smooth- Yea that guy, I am a huge supporter of Kevin but lets PLEASE not get into his abillitys. Frankly I don't want to see Kev out there just because best is hurt. If Smith isn't ready don't rush him in. He needs to be %100 physicaly and mentaly to really give us any help. Mo has not been alot of help but I'd rather see Mo and Felton carry us for a week like this. Than risk Kevin by playing him because were are in a corner.

6. GO DEEP- I won't put this on Jim, Scott or Hill. Placing blame does us no good as fans or as a team. Fact is though we just need to fix the deep ball game. We need to get Calvin involved and I doubt this will be the week. The Packers secondary is one of the NFLs best. Not that Nate and CJ can't give them a run for there money but we have to be able to get them the ball without turning it over. Just don't see that happening to much this sunday.

7. Hands on- I love the pettibeast! This guy is gonna be one of the great TE's in the NFL. Last week though he had some dropped balls that were not ALL on the QB. Pettigrew needs to help block Matthews but he also needs to catch those easy ones. Its on you Brandon to fix that.

9. Clay- Clay Matthews is doing a great job living up to the family name. Thats a big problem for us. We need to find someway of keeping one of the NFLs best pash rushers around in check. We can't win with any QB on his butt all day. I don't care if we put Gandy in at TE or FB to help block. I think maybe its time to dust of Will Heller myself though.

10.  Last but not Least- Probably most important of all. When we get into the redzone we need to do one thing SCORE!. Theres alot of things you should do in a redzone offense but turning the ball over is the very last thing you should be doing. We cannot and will not win if we can't score in enemy territory.

Shoot for the moon if u miss ur still amoungst those stars... (Cliff Avril-Twitter)

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