Why the Lions could potentially go 9-7...and maybe the playoffs?

Most people in the NFL world can't fathom the Lions winning anymore than 5-6 games this season. After looking at
the schedule and deciding the outcome of each game, I've came to the conclusion that the Lions offense is good enough to win 5-6 games by themselves, but is it possible for the defense to win 3-4 themselves? 


Detroit @ Chicago: The Bears offense has been revamped, and not necessarily in a good way. Mike Martz's scheme is a little chaotic and Jay Cutler doesn't exactly have a Brandon Marshall to throw to either. The defense is a supposed strength, but how much of one is the question. Lions offense lights the Bears up and Cutler, after getting sacked 4 times, throws 2 picks in the loss.    LIONS 31 - BEARS 17


Philly @ Detroit: The Eagles have a new quarterback this season and he's looked good so far but you have to wonder how much they will miss Donovon McNabb. They have an array of weapons on both sides of the ball, but I think the Lions could match that offensive firepower. Unfortunately, the Lions secondary can't hang with Philly's recievers and Kolb lights them up for 3 TD's.    PHILLY 28 - LIONS 20


Detroit @ Minnesota: This will be one for the ages. The Lions haven't won in Minnesota since 1997 and they haven't forgot that either. Stafford connects to Calvin Johnson twice for a TD and Brett Favre makes the Lions secondary look respectable by throwing a pick that is returned for a touchdown to lose the game for the Vikings. Their 1st loss to the Lions at home in 13 years.   LIONS 24 - VIKINGS 20


Detroit @ Green Bay: This games starts out the exact way it ends; with Aaron Rodgers throwing a touchdown against the Lions suspect secondary. This game won't even be close, though Stafford and company has a decent game, it won't be enough to stop Rodgers from embarassing the Lions D.   LIONS 17 - GREEN BAY 38


St. Louis @ Detroit: Detroit didn't forget the only game the Rams won last year was against them, and neither did Stafford. He throws 3 touchdown passes against the Rams weak secondary with Best running for over 150 yards and 2TDs of his own. This is the first Lions blowout since 2007.  RAMS 20 - LIONS 35


Detroit @ New York Giants: Detroit won the last time they were in the meadowlands, but this is the NEW meadowlands and they don't have similar results. Manning makes the Lions look silly and Stafford has a 3 int game to make matters worse.  LIONS 13 - GIANTS 31


Washington @ Detroit: Washington is still bitter after becoming the team to lose to the 0-16 Lions in 2009. Donovon McNabb makes sure to redeem them with his 3 TD performance and the Redskins win in a nailbiter.   REDSKINS 23 - LIONS 20


New York Jets @ Detroit: The Lions have been ready to shut Rex Ryan up all week for talking smack about the Lions defense. Mark Sanchez proves once again why Detroit picked Stafford #1 overall and so does Stafford with an amazing performance at home.  JETS 24- LIONS 30


Detroit @ Buffalo: Detroit had a bad first half in the preseason against the Bills and want to prove that it was just a fluke, which is exactly what it was. The Lions defensive line has 5 sacks against QB Trent Edwards and the Lions easily roll over the Bills on the road.  LIONS 27 - BILLS 10


Detroit @ Dallas: This game is interesting because of the playoff implications entitiled here. The Cowboys are vying for a spot at either wildcard or division winner and the Lions give them one more reason to think they could make the Superbowl with Romo and those running backs destroying the Lions D. Cowboys D hurts the Lions offense too, making this a one sided game from the start.  LIONS 17 - COWBOYS 28


New England @ Detroit: The one game that everybody thinks Detroit will lose. The Thanksgiving Day game is once again being talked about getting taken away from the Lions, so they respond by showing why it belongs in Detroit. Brady is picked off after being sacked three times and Stafford hears chants of "MVP! MVP! MVP!"   PATRIOTS 19 - LIONS 24


Chicago @ Detroit: The Bears are very mad for getting whipped at home so they go into Ford Field with a major attitude. Peppers has his way with Backus and Cutler throws 3 TDs to steal a win away from the Lions at home.   BEARS 30 - LIONS 23


Green Bay @ Detroit: The Lions got destroyed at Lambeu earlier in the season. The Lions offense is really humming and the defensive line looks dominant this time around. Aaron Rodgers still throws for 300 yards, but Stafford throws for more. They prove that they aren't getting pushed around by the division leaders again.  PACKERS 24 - LIONS 31


Detroit @ Tampa Bay: This game was over before it started. Josh Freeman had no chance against the Lions defensive line and get's sacked 5 times and throws a couple picks to match. The Lions offense absolutely destroys Tampa on their turf.   LIONS 38 - BUCS 14


Detroit @ Miami: After a strong showing the last couple weeks, the Lions offense cools down and Miami's wildcat offense confuses the Lions D enough to win pretty easily. Chad Henne has a career game and throws for 300+ yards,  2TDs and no picks in the win.   LIONS 13 - DOLPHINS 27


Minnesota @ Detroit: The last game of the season. It's down to the wire for perhaps the last wildcard spot. If the Lions win and another team loses, then they are in. If Minnesota wins period they are in. Favre plays one heck of a game until the last drive when he throws it right to Louis Delmas on the Lions 10 yard line to seal the loss and another season where Favre blows the game for the Vikings.  VIKINGS 23 - LIONS 27


The Lions won, but did the "other" team lose so they could get into the playoffs for the first time since 1999? I'll let the good folks of P.O.D decide the outcome of the season. Let me know what happens! I hope they surprise me!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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