Millen Schooled Mayhew

Mayhew is doing a fantastic job, and I'll be the first to admit that I was more than a little concerned that we promoted Matt Millen's understudy back in the day.  Its like they say that kids with bad dads, tend to still emulate them and become bad dads themselves.  On the flip side though some of those kids see all of the bad dad habits and do everything completely awesome to become awesome dads.  This is what we have in Mayhew and what we can *cough, gag* thank Millen for doing over the years in schooling up a proper GM by showing everything of what not to do.

Then I realized the other day that we have got a "double bonus".  Martin is developing something of a "Matty Sense", but instead of spidey sense detecting danger, Mayhew is detecting clubs exhibiting old Millen-esque behavior.  Its like he is sitting at his desk and suddenly pops up "I detect Millenism in Denver, hurry get them on the phone!".

30 minutes later... "Mayhewed!" or rather reverse "Millened".  

I know some of us have opined at the fact that we have too many ex-seahawks or ex-broncos, but really I think its just that Mayhew senses the stench of a Millen run mine that we can seep the value out of with little cost, before those organizations realize they've been "Millianized".

It may be painful for Lions fans but look at what some of those organizations are doing.  

Denver chases away all of their talent then drafts Tebow & Demaryius Thomas (aka Joey Piano Boy and Rogers/Williams).  Hopefully, they will fair better than our guys, I don't wish that on anyone, but unproven Thomas will find it tough to outperform Brandon Marshall.  Elsewhere in gotham, as much as I like Gronks potential,  Mayhew still gets Denver to downgrade from Sheffler to Gronk and give us their 1st round pick CB after only one year of experience, oh and they upgraded a 7th round pick to a 5th round pick.  They should have put a stipulation in there that Martin makes the pick vs letting them botch it.

Over in Seattle Martin fleeces the starting LG we've been looking for for 10 years out of them for a 6th round pick.  He watches Sims shore up our line turns around and says "Wow that was a good Millen-esque lunch, Rob what do you think of this LoJack kid? Good. Sweet I'll toss them a 7th for their former 1st rounder and give the kid a real shot to shine out from under that familiar regime.  And... if all else was not even kind of close, and you think I might be talking sideways, they lost Burleson (to us again) then chased TJ out of town, to put whom into the number one receiver position?  Mike "show me the doughnuts" Williams, Mel Kiper and Matt Millens favorite son.

Thank you Matt for schooling Mayhew and teaching him not only what not to do, but where to find your predecessors tearing organizations to pieces, leaving quality in the wake for those who have learned to find it.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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