Our Offseason

So I just wanted to hear peoples thoughts on our offseason. I had some thoughts to throw around on POD and wanted to hear some thoughts.


Has anyone thought about the effects Nnamdi might have on the Lions if he is not picked up by us. Could be actual good or horrible for us. If the Cowgirls pick him up, Prince might actually fall to us. Greenbay and we face him twice a year.


Haynsowrth has been tossed around for coming to the Lions. I do not see it and would not want that problem on our team. That said, anyone think now after how Shanny has treated his RB, QB and DT that maybe not everything was all his fault ? He did play well under Schwartz and was kept in check during that period as far as his additude. IF the FO decides to bring him in, do we trade Corey Williams ???  They make about the same after Big Al has collected hig big bonus. I think their would be some motivation for Big Al regaurdless of where he goes that he can still play and make out to be it was Shanny causing all the problems regaurdless of where he goes. If we did trade, not saying any of this should happen, JUST KICKING THE IDEA. We could get maybe a 3rd rounder for C. Williams.


I would love to see us double down in the 1st or even 3-4 times if possible. The way I look at it, LB, CB and O-Line is where we need to draft. The late 1st and 2nd rounds are where those players are unless Prince or Peterson fall to us at 13. This may be the last year of the expensive draft picks. That being said I would love to trade down to get multiple 2nd and/or 3rd rounders to help round out our team. Getting plenty of O-Line to help replace some of our over payed and rated players.


FA- This to me will be the year to go after FA. After this season a rookie cap will most likely be in place. FA will for then on become very expensive as players will look for their 1st big pay day. Even the Vet player minimum will go up. That being said I say shop heavy in FA this year and trade down this year in the draft. Just some of my thoughts on the process we should go about this offseason.


Can anyone explain to me why we can't get 2 high end and maybe 3 solid role or slightly above average players this year in FA ? If we are at about $95 million on pay role and say team salary cap is at or around $ 125 million. That means we have like 1/3 of our cap space available, not that we want to max it just a point. I would imagine that we will be cutting, trading or in some way getting rid of, DW, BJ, JP K SMOOTH and A. Brown at the least. That should drop us by around 12 million in my guess, taking us too $83 million. That should leave us plenty of space to go after some players like or of at least this quality and position. Greenway, J. Joseph, Breston, M. Bush.


If we get this 4 postition addressed in FA and trade down for multiple picks, we should be very well balanced next year. We would be able to easily get players in the draft at LB, C, R-OG, OT, CB.


This is just very general and think in my mind very possible. Please don't slam me on the Big - Al thing. I am approaching it as if the Lions made the move, regaurdless of what we the fans think. Your thoughts ???

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