Top 13 Picks - Forty Handz Mock Draft

I still feel like the Lions might get a shot at Prince Amukamara at #13.  I will explain below:

Here is my mock draft-- Picks 1-13.  I wanted to throw this out here and see what you all think...

1.    Carolina – Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn
With Carolina being out of Luck (friggin' stupid pun intended), they will take the BPA and that is Nick Fairley.  He single handedly controled the line of scrimmage in the BCS Championship and Detroit/TB has stopped all of the "DT's don't get taken in the top 3" talk from years passed.  Carolina has virtually no consistant pass rush since Pepper's departure and they need an anchor on either side of the ball.  I think they will go defensive with Luck out of the picture and will let the Jimmy Clausen experiment enter year two...

2.    Denver – Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU
I think everyone agrees that Denver will be going defense with the #2 overall if they do end up picking here.  I've seen some mocks where Denver tries to trade down for additional picks but I do not think that will come to fruition.  Quickly, let's look at Denver's defensive needs: D-Line (they need an anchor on defense for their system, probably a NT but with Fairley gone they will look elsewhere), OLB (who knows how Dumervil will respond after his season ending injury), and CB (this is clearly their biggest need.  Denver CB Parrish Cox is allegedly a rapist and Champ Bailey probably will be playing Safety for another squad.)  I think it's a no-brainer--Denver goes after the best CB in this year's draft.  

3.    Buffalo – Da’Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson
Many draft 'geniuses' feel that Bowers is the top defensive player available in this years draft (even if Lions OT Jason Fox straight up stonewalled him for 4 straight quarters in the Miami v. Clemson game when they met in 2009, woot.)  Maybin hasn't became the star that the Bills had hoped for so they'll try again this year at DE.  He's got the skills to be great and hopefully, for Buffalo's sake, he can rise to his potential at the next level.

4.    Cincinnati – AJ Green, WR, Georgia
Green falls into Cinci's lap at #4.  He's widely considered the best WR in the 2011 draft and looks to replace the aging  T.Ocho Show in Cinci.  Simpson, Shipley, and Green will provide the deep firepower for Palmer (if he's still a Bengal after 2011)....

5.    Arizona – Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri
Arizona will love to have the top rated QB from Missouri fall to them at #5.  They held their breath as the Panthers chose Fairley and now Gabbert gets a chance to do something that Max Hall, Leinert, and Anderson couldn't pull off in the desert; righting the ship and bringing the Cardinals back to contention.

6.    Cleveland – Julio Jones, WR, Alabama
Cleveland found their future QB in McCoy during last year's draft and now they give Shurmur another young talent to create mismatches with for him.  Defense is still a big question mark but Cleveland will still reach to get the best WR still available.  Jones is a playmaker with good speed, he'll be a good target for McCoy to stretch the field with as Hillis pounding the ball inside...

7.    San Francisco – Jake Locker, QB, Washington
San Fran is starting anew with Harbaugh at the helm but he'll need a QB if they want to go anywhere. Locker's stock has fallen some in the last year or so but he's still a 1st round talent.  Cam Newton is another choice that might take place here but I believe Harbaugh is going to want a player closer to the type of player he had at the college level- a solid pocket passer who can run when it's required.

8.    Tennessee – Stephen Paea, DT, Oregon State
Finally trying to fix what Hayneworth's departure started, the Titans need a good sized inside monster to anchor the D-Line.  Paea is that player for the Titans.  Many feel that the Titans will go QB at this junction but I think Fisher is sick of young QB's.  He'll move forward with Collins running the show and will draft a young QB later in the draft or seek out the services of a veteran FA to replace Young.

9.    Dallas – Marcell Dareus, DE, Alabama
Here is the pick that makes it interesting for my Lions in this draft.  I think that Dallas will be the eventual home of Asomugha (if the CBA happens prior to the draft of course, otherwise I'm effed because no one can sign until after the deal's done...) Let's pretend it's done for argument's sake, Dallas might still go CB here but with their most glaring need partially remedied they will go after another demension of their DEF that requires work--the right side of the D-Line.

10. Washington – Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas
McNabb's obviously gone and Sexy Rexy isn't the answer.  The Skins could persue a free agent QB but I believe that Shanny will go after Ryan Mallett due to QB being the single greatest need for the Skins.  There are 3-4 players still here at this pick that are obviously other options but with other QB's still likely to be chosen later in the 1st round, they will pull the trigger here.  Cam Newton is also still and option here.

11. Houston – Robert Quinn, DE, North Carolina
Wade Phillips is coming in and implimenting a 3-4 front for the Texans.  They need D-Line, CB, and Safety help here.  The Texans will take a good hard look at Amukamara and Von Miller here but will Quinn falling from the top 5, they will snatch up the DE and look for CB's through Free Agency or later in the draft. 

12. Minnesota – Cam Newton, QB, Auburn
Minnesota, I believe, has their heart set on Jake Locker here to be the future leader of the offense but in this mock he's already gone.  They'll decide to take a chance on the Heisman and BCS championship winning QB from Auburn.  The Vikings have big needs all over the place (OT, CB, LB, and QB) but I think they will go after Newton here unless they think they can get Pat Devlin in the 2nd.  If that happens, they'll take either Prince, Nate Solder, or Gabe Camini.

13. Detroit -  Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska
No Brainer, if Prince Amukamara is here--You take him. Detroit is on their way up and we need to improve that back seven.  Amukamara would make the biggest impact in regards to improving that group.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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