Trading down OOOOR draft BPA (sad face)


To me the Lions need to either trade down or if they do pick 13 to ensure it is the proper value! And this is what i think they should consider.

Lets keep our prospective

To pick Brandon Harris i think is a reach. He isn’t a shut down corner and he isn’t a lock to even win a starting job if Alphonz Smith and houston stay. People complain about Phonz Smith getting beat by Tom Brady and i say that everyone needs to take a reality check...chill pill….Smith is by far one of the best CB the Lions have had in years…not anointing him into the hall of fame but he is better than any CB we have had in years.....NAME one that has had more impact in the last 10 years (dre bly)….it isn’t beyond belief that every freaks out that he was abused by Tom Brady….He did that to everyone all year. Even Darnelle Revis had his turn getting abused by the pats this season...keep it in prospective. He is a multi League MVP future hall of famer. Not making a excuse for him. Just saying sometimes the other guy is better than you

Cornerback position

The cornerback position is very deep in this years draft and i would venture to say that Jimmy Smith could pass Brandon Harris after the combines. He is 6’2" 210 reported to run mid 4.3 40 range…where as harris is 5’11 195 reported to run 4.4 40 range….both have good hips..both actively challenge for the ball while it is in the air…but Jimmy Smith has much better instincts and timing…i see him as the 2nd best corner in the draft over prince who has poor ball skills and failed against top wide receiver competion.

WITH all of the corners that are first round to high 2nd round value it makes no sense to reach on a corner in the 2nd Tier of corners when you can get one just as good with your 2nd pick.

Outside Linebacker

Another major issue with this pick is the Lions FIRST major need is outside linebacker. However there isn’t a clear choice here that isn’t a reach either. Ayers is rated the highest but some consider him to be raw. He has very good skill sets but seems awfully close to a recent Lions Linebacker (Erine Sims)…tons of Athletic ability just seems to high to pick him there because if all of the weaknesses in his game (can’t get off blocks…slow to react….questionable instincts)……………the other prospect at OLB is Von Miller…he plays a rush Linebacker at Texas A&M where he plays on the line of scrimage…he displays absolutely zero skill sets of a OLB in a 4-3 defence (2 point stance behind the defensive line ….reading and reacting to run or play action….dropping in coverage and making plays in space ….covering a tightend or a back)…all he did was run to the ball and rush off the edge. He would be a major risk because again he hasn’t shown that he has the instincts or the skill set to play a 43 OLB….he would be a interesting 3-4 OLB given the chance to rush the passer…sadly Lions don’t play that defence AND if you look at their defensive style the rarely blitz. Leaving Von Miller playing in the Lions defence as a complete position change.

So with Cornerback being a reach….OLB being a reach…Defensive end being the most stocked position on the team the strenght of the team…who do you pick?

Offensive Line

Out of the top 10 Offensive Tackles none are projected to be franchise tackles….infact all are pretty close in value with a new name leap frogging to the top of the board every couple of weeks (defining why they are so close in value and how none really knock anyone socks off)….this is a desent group but none warrenting a 13th over all rating to the 6th ranked pass protecting unit in the NFL. EVERYONE freaks out about Jeff Backus getting beat by Julius Peppers. A man that many consider one of the top 5 defensive ends of the last 10 to 15 years.....his registered one play in that game ONE. Sadly Stafford was hurt on it. Infact Stafford was touched 8 times in 2010. Sacked 4 times ran 4 times....hardly a unslaught of sacks. Some QB's get that in a half of football.

What must they do about this situation

In my humble Opinion when the 13th pick comes up and the Lions are on the clock and they for some reason can’t not make a trade they have 2 options….draft the BPA….Draft a play another teams wants in the interest of trading that player (rarely happens)

So who is the BPA IF no one from top 5 or 10 players drop to them at 15 (like a Robert Quinn or a Prince ).

So basiclly at 13 selecting a corner….a tackle…or a Outside Linebacker are all reaches based on value….this is the defining reason why detroit MUST trade OUT OF THIS pick and trade down….that way they can still pick the SAME guy they would pick anyway only getting more picks..and that is what they need >>> bodies

But in the interest of putting a name in a Mock Draft i would have to say value wise /need it would have to be Mark Ingram. Many don’t like that pick and i myself don’t see myself doing flips over it….this is WHY THEY NEED TO TRADE DOWN…if not your stuck with BPA…not that this is bad because if i had to guess i would guess Ingram is gonna be a “player”…Ayers…brandon harris….that seems to be both scary picks..and if i am gonna do that it would have to be later in the round.

Other players of value that i think match the 13th pick (if none of the top 10 drop).>>> Ryan Kerriga(a position Lions don’t need) >>>>Mark Ingram (even though they have Jahvid Best,the major reason they went on their win streak was because they could run the ball (thank you Mauries Morris)…. Morris will be 32 mid season next year. Ingram would help to ensure that this trend continues. You have to ask yourself can Jahvid Best be a primary ball carrier over a 18 game schedule….and can they count on Kevin Smith with his laundry list of injuries?

Basiclly if Lions fans don’t want to throw tomatoes at the FO they need to trade down…..if they are stuck with that pick the logical pick would be to take TBA.


I know everything will change by the time the combines start. The needs of the team will remain the same. But the CBA could throw a major monkey wrench in the process if not solved prior to the draft. As no players or draft picks transactions can be made ONLY player selections. And if it takes too long you will have tons of free agency issues all scrambling to balance out right before the season.

Detroit needs hit a homerun on this draft (2-3starters) prior to the unknown of the CBA (i have no idea how that will impact the league) But regardless of positions they have to come out of this with players that will be difference makers.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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