3rd WR, LBs, O-line, and that complementary RB for Best.

I was thinking about what we should do about this situation with our 3rd wide reciever. Derrick Williams hasn't panned out, Bryant Johnson isn't the solution, and we can't use Tony Scheffler all the time as our 3rd WR. 

Why not look in house for our 3rd WR.

I was wondering if Detroit hasn't approached Aaron Brown about  a position change. I mean he has good speed, 4.3-4.4, he is tall at 6-1, and can catch. I think we should at least approach Aaron Brown about moving him to a slot receiver position. It would save us on bringing in a free agent, and we could look into later rounds of the draft to provide good depth/ a 4th WR. I just think he has good talent, but won't get the carries at tailback. It might be beneficial for him to make the change and see if he could do some route running and learn the new position. If Qb's can make a position change to WR, why can't a running back.  I don't think it could hurt to see if he can learn the route trees and get involved in the offense. He could surprise us all and be that 3rd fast receiver that we are looking for. Plus, he could still have some packages in the offense where he is the running back (like Stefan Logan). 

If not we could pursue a player like Steve Breaston, or maybe we can steal away a player from Green Bay like Jordy Nelson, or get Jacoby Jones. But, I like finding our 3rd speedy WR from the Draft. When we picked  Derrick Williams, there is a speedy player that fell two spots below us, who has turned into a good WR. What was his name, oh yeah  MIKE WALLACE.  Hind sight is 20/20. In the end,there are speedy revievers that will fall in the draft, we will be able to get one who can be that slot receiver. If I were drafting, I would be looking for less 4.3 speed and more  toughness and acceleration. but thats just me. 


There has been a lot of talk about getting lb's from trades, FA's, and the draft. I understand we are basically trying to fill a void left by J. Peterson.  I don't see us getting Lofa Tatupu, he is a MLB, which we have a pretty good one in Levy. But I just don't see him moving to SLB or WLB. I like the concept of drafting a LB in the 1st or 2nd round. Youth is good, it provides a base to learn and grow. I think our depth at LB is a little overlooked. Ashlee Palmer is growing into a good looking player, he had some good plays at the end of the season, and had did well when he was a starter. Bobby Carpenter was another player that would be good to retain. He needs time in the system to develop. He came in and in the short amount of time he was able to start at then (injuries were a key factor in him starting), but he performed good as well. Bobby had to great games at the end of the season with 18 tackles, 14 of them were solo. He could excel in this system and we should look at retaining him. And Caleb Campbell is another young player that does provide good depth. Zack Follett, is up in the air with that neck injury, but he is a good special teams player, and a good back up. Maybe he could develop into a starter it just might take longer than 2 seasons. 

Personally, I wouldn't mind us getting one LB in Free Agency or via Trade, and 1 in the draft. I figure we could end up getting 2 in Free Agency and 1 in draft. Stephen Tolluch from Tennessee Titans, and either Paul Poslusney, or  David Harris. That would provide good veteran leadership in the front end, and by picking up a Mark Herzlich, Mason Foster, Nate Irving, Bruce Carter, or Akeem Ayers, we could make this team turn the corner into a shut down Defense. There will be a lot of names we haven't heard of before and it will be interesting to see who we get in the draft that will turn out to be a good player.  some East-West shrine players that could be  interesting are Douglas Houge- Syracuse, Akeem Dent- Georgia, Orie Lemon- Oklahoma State.  Plus more from the Senior Bowl and the loads of talent who have something to prove. 


I don't know about many other Lions fans, but I really am curious about Donald Thomas. We picked him up mid season from the waiver wire from the Dolphins. He hasn't gotten any playing time that I have seen. I really want to know what the plan is with him. From what I read from Dolphins fansites, he was a good young player and just needed time to develop. I really hope he can progress to take over that RG position. Seems he had an injured foot in 2009 and could be a reason he was let go this year. I really am curious about this guy. Could he be our RG of the future? He is big, 6'4" AT 310-315, if he could be groomed to take Peterman's spot, we would only be looking for a Center or Left tackle to eventually take over for Raiola and Backus.

Preparing for the future is what Mayhew needs to think about this off season. Backus won't be able to keep up the productivity much longer from the LT position. Peterman is not a long term fit on this line at RG, and Raiola had his time, but it is time to prepare ourselves for what will be the ending of these 3 on the Lions O-line. Getting at least a Center or Tackle would be preferrable. The draft is probably a good shot at getting the C/RG. Usually those can fall to us around the 4th or 5th rounds. The LT. is tough. I really want to see what Jason Fox can do before I think we should get another player in the draft. Cherilus played better this season than last year, so I think Mayhew will give him the benefit of the doubt and keep him.  


There will be some running back that will fall into free agency after the draft. We have see it a lot this year, Ivory, Ben Jarvis-Green-Ellis, Blount. We could get a quality back late, 6th or 7th, or get one in free agency. I am the least concerned about this position, because running backs are always available. Sure you may not get an Adrian Peterson, chris johnson, or Ray Rice, but Terrelle Davis was drafted in the 6th and he had  2 Superbowl victories and a 2000 rushing yard season. I can deal with a player that is not a big name, but has big league talent. In the end we can find that complementary back for Best, but I don't know if we need to at this moment give up on Maurice Morris. He played well and could be that relief for Best. Plus if Jahvid  can get his toes healthy and maybe pack on some more power/size, he could be that back that could surprise. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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