What type of WR to complement CJ and Nate?

Lately there has been a lot of talk about which wide receiver to make a move on if the Lions decide to part ways with BJ or DW.

Some have said that Nate is better suited as a slot receiver, but I believe this is somewhat of a misnomer because any receiver can line up in "the slot" depending on the play and what the offense is trying to accomplish.  I know some teams like to put smaller faster receivers in the slot so that they get a better chance at a free release, but there are other reasons to line up receivers in the slot as well. 

Unless the Lions make a major change if we have two receivers on the field they will be CJ and Nate, but if we go to a 3WR set what type of guy should that be?  Likely we will not shell out much money on this position so a real game-changer who excels at many things will not be in the picture.  The way I see it there are 4 different types of receivers we could choose from:

1. A speedster - usually smaller, but with great speed that can really stretch the opposing defense, opening up passes underneath, keeping extra help away from CJ because the opposing CB might get burnt, and helping keep an extra man out of the box for running plays.

2. A big WR - the type of guy who is bigger than basically any DB in the NFL.  He is good at using his body to make catches and is not afraid to go over the middle.  This player is usually a great target in the red zone when getting separation is much tougher.  Usually a good downfield blocker too, to help free up the edges for outside runs or pass plays made underneath to other receivers.

3. A possession receiver - not the biggest or fastest, but has great hands, runs great routes, and has field awareness.  Will not often give you the big play, but is there to make the catch when you only need a few yards.  Usually good at slants, out routes, and stop routes, or for quick throws to the outside.

4. A jack of all trades - not a specialist of any of these categories, but can do a little of everything.  Because he can do anything on any given play he keeps the defense guessing.

So, tell me what do you think?  And please comment on who you would like to see the Lions get that matches your choice.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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