Hello Boys... Been a lil' while!!!

     Hope everyone had a very merry Xmas!!! I had a week and half off for the holiday season, so i journeyed south to Wyoming to hang with the wifey's family. We had great time and food but it really capped off my Christmas with a lions victory over the Dolphins and Vikes. Which i watched on my cell phone because for some reason I completely spaced bringing my laptop. The worst part of forgetting my laptop was not being able to chat with all of you on the gameday thread.


     Anyhow After Christmas I was headed to Colorado Springs to hang out with my old man. Around Thanksgiving I had purchased my dads present. (Well it was more a gift for myself that I included him in on...)  Detroit Redwings vs Colorado Avs at the Pepsi Center. It was my first NHL game and I LOVED IT, I'm sure every hockey game doesnt have the feel of Avs vs Redwings but man it was a very crazy atmosphere. People yelling at each other, people throwing beers, and people getting in fist a cuffs. The best part was that they had NOTHING to say because usually people like to lump in well the Broncos are better than the Lions. But the only thing they could resort to was the economy in Detroit which is low as it gets but I retorted in a very intoxicated manner "what the hell has colorado done for the world bring us quzno's???" which many Redwings fans agreed was comedic gold.

OH I FORGOT TO MENTION OSGOODS 400TH CAREER WIN, SAW IT LIVE!!! it was an unbelievable game and the most fun i have had in a long time. He played amazing the whole game and was especially lights out in the 2nd period. He had 23 or so saves and it was electric in there. Sat on the side where the Redwings scored all of there points and Osgood had his best period of the game. Pepsi center was loud and hearing the 50/50 crowd chant redwings suck and then we chant OZZY OZZY. It was loud and a great time, i highly recommend that game for anyone else in the area.

So thats where i have been I hope you all had  great holidays and im glad to be back home where i can POD it up again!!!


Wife and I drinking before the game.


This guy thought he was cute.


Our seats.


MR. 400


Christmas present from the wife... thought you would like that Josh!


White Russians are a great holiday drink because they're easy on the palate









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