Stats and averages from 2010

Just thought I would throw some final stats into a post.

Game averages rankings.


22.6 Points per game. (15th)

238.1 Passing yds. per game. (12th)

100.8 Rushing yds. per game. (23rd) Yay! Finished with 100+ yards per game

338.9 yds. per game. (17th)


23.1 point per game. (19th) So if you combine the averages of point for and point against, we were losing by .5 per game. Fitting eh?

218.6 passing yds. per game. (16th) This one surprises me after all our worries and fears.

124.9 rushing yds. per game. (23rd)

343.6 yds. per game. (21st)


Other fun facts.

Three Quarterbacks started for the Lions this year. All of them finished with a positive TD to INT ratio.

Matthew Stafford: 6 TD 1 INT

Shaun Hill: 16 TD 12 INT

Drew Stanton 4 TD 3 INT

And the lowest QB rating was a 78 by Stanton.

The fact above may have to do with the O-line. Giving up only 27 sacks this year. Compare that to last years 43.


The Lions top two running back, Jahvid Best and Maurice Morris, finished with a total of:

261 Att.

891 yds.

3.5 Avg.

9 TD

This fact above is also in part to the O-line. (Ha)

Calvin Johnson and Nate Burleson finished with 12 and 6 touchdowns respectively. While Bryant Johnson and Derrick Williams finished with none.

Stefan Logan finished with 1448 kick return yards and 1 TD.

Kickers Dave Rayner and Jason Hanson finished 5 of 6 from 50+ range.

Punter Nick Harris finished with an average of 44.6 yards per punt. With a long of 66.

Even though Louis Delmas had a "quiet" year. He finished leading the team in solo(62) and combined(84)  tackles.

Julian Peterson finished second with 56 solo and 83 combined. Unfortunately he did not do much other tackle.

Ashlee Palmer and Turk McBride finished with 3 Forced fumbles each, leading the team.

Turk McBride also finished with 5 sacks. Considering he is the 3rd DE in rotation. Talk about depth.

Sack Stats.

Ndamukong Suh- 10 sacks.

Cliff Avril- 8.5 sacks.

Lawrence Jackson- 6 sacks.

Turk McBride- 5 sacks.

Kyle Vanden Bosch- 4 sacks.

Sammie Lee Hill- 2.5 sacks.

The team finished with 14 INT. Compared to last years 9.


Enjoy! Go Lions!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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