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What really makes sense in the 2011 draft, should the Lions reach with the 13th pick for Akeem Ayers or Brandon Harris... How important is it to resign Chris Houston and Cliff Avril... Who are some of the key Free Agents Detroit needs to bring in on Defense: Chad Greenway, David Harris, Barrett Rudd, Paul Posluszny, Jonathan Joseph, Quintin Mikell or Eric Weddle. On Offense: Logan Mankins, Gavin Joseph, Jonathan Goodwin, Lance Moore, Steve Breaston, Le'Ron McClain or  Vonta Leach.

  I'll start by saying that it is very important that Detroit resigns Chris Houston and Cliff Avril. Chris didn't make the Pro Bowl like i said he would but he was the closest thing we have had to a shudown corner in years. Houston covered the opposing teams #1 reciever, here's how he did:

Knox: 1st game 3 catches for 52 yards, 2nd game: 3 catches for 34 yards

Jennings: 1st game 2 catches for 25 yards and a TD, 2nd game 4 catches for 52 yards

Harvin: 1st game 6 catches for 62 yards and a TD, 2nd game 8 catches for 69 yards

DeSean Jackson: 4 catches for 135 yards and a TD

Mark Clayton: 1 catch for 6 yards

Hakeem Nicks: 3 catches for 8 yards

Santana moss: 6 catches for 56 yards

Santonio Holmes: 5 catches for 114 yards

Steve Johnson: 3 catches for 37 yards

Miles Austin: 2 catches for 7 yards and 2 TDS

Wes Welker: 8 catches for 90 yards and 2 TDS

Mike Williams: 6 catches for 96 yards and a TD

Brandon Marshall: 10 catches for 102 yards

 As for Cliff Avril 33 tackles 1 forced fumble and 9 sacks on a Dline that took a few games to get going, bringing him back is huge as well. Cliff is a key player on a very young and dangerous front line for the Lions defense. Avril, Jackson, SLH and Suh our going to be very productive in 2011 add in the mix KVB, Turk, CWill and the possibility of Willie Young and you got the best line in the league.


Free Agents:

 This will be another big year for the Lions, The KVB and Nate signings could be small to the names Detroit have in mind as well as alot of other teams in the league. Lets start with the offense. Detroit will not go after any of the big receiver names in FA with CJ81, Nate, Pettigrew and Scheffler the Lions seem to be set, they also use Logan and Best in the slot. Toone, Moore and Clark are names to watch in OTA's i think the Lions say goodbye to DW and BJ. A name that seems to be on everyones wishlist is Le'Ron McClain which makes alot of sense for Detroit b/c now they can part ways with Smooth and Felton. Another name making a splash on POD is Logan Mankins which i would be happy to add to the roster and even happier to say goodbye to Peterman. There is another name i would like to see added to the roster as well as took off the roster the addy is Jonathan Goodwin, i just think Dom has over stayed his welcome.

Defense,  Chad Greenway, he seems to be on every offseason wishlist out there and will pretty much have his choice of team. Quintin Mikell, since Philly was one of the teams playing every Thurs, Sunday Night and Monday Night we all got a good look at this team. Let me start by saying we lost nothing by trading away Sims, Mikell is the perfect match for Delmas he makes everyone's game around him that much better. The last name i have is undecided on, should it be Joseph or Harris. I don't know, i like Houston and Smith as the future of this team but adding a guy like Joseph could be huge and on the other side how do you pass on a former U of M stud. I think that it comes down to Greenway or Harris and as much as we would all like to have Joseph don't think it will happen.


Very simple don't reach and hope they trade down...

Any free agents or draft ideals are welcome, another thing to keep in mind is our relationship with Seattle, Lofa Tatupu doesn't fit in Pete's scheme. LT is going up against guys 295+ on every defense snap and Seattle could lokk to move him in the offseason, i'd trade places in the draft with them for LT and a third or fourth. The only thing is moving Levy back to outside, i like Levy in the middle but if i had a choice i'd love to see Tatupu added.

2011 is the year of the Lion... Go Detroit

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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