Thoughts from the game

1. Game ball to Linehan. He drew up plays that picked on Briggs (Best TD run) and Urlacher (Grew TD catch) to win the game. I also liked the general play calling from the offense. 

2. I liked the play calling, BUT Stafford killed 2 or 3 drives with his throws. Where is the guy from the preseason who had laser beam accuracy?

3. I have never seen a defensive line control a game so much with so few stats to show for it. They completely took away the long throws and had Cutler running for his life 90% of the time--often with a 4 man rush--but not many sacks to show for it. Hey, I will take dominating in place of stats any day. 

4. I think we have enough good players on the defensive line to field two teams. Really, we have CWill and his younger brother Sam Hill; VandenBosch and LoJack are the stout vets; Avril and Willie Young are the speed outside rushers; and Suh and Fairley are the inside rush wunderkinds. Sorry Flu, you make some good depth too, but I think our second line could start for many teams. That kind of rotation pays off inthe second half of games, as we have seen this season. 

5. Man, I hate Cutler, but after that game I respect him a lot more. He was single single handedly playing the game for Chicago and was on the verge of actually winning it. He was throwing bullets on the run, spinning out of sacks, making plays left and right when there should be no play. He may be a puss and an ass, but the guy can play football. Maybe the bears will let him go to a team that might play with him. 

6. I would feel better if our offense was a bit more consistent in their drives and didn't have to rely on so many big plays. I mean, if they want to let us run 88 yards in one play then lets take it, but I worry that if a defense doesn't give those to us we are starting to lose the ability to put together 15 play game killing drives. 

7. In response to point 6 above: this could have been part of Linehan's game plan. The Tamp 2 is a kind of defense that waits for you to make mistakes and then makes you pay (see: end of first half). The way you attack is to take the underneath stuff for short gains until you see the opportunity for the big play. Just don't force anything into a Tamp 2 with good players or you will be chasing a LB the wrong way. 

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