What is FOX thinking? now updated!

And no I do not mean the Denver coach.  Rather the broadcasting station.  According to the we get the only 3 man team for the game which is great.  I mean I love seeing those 3.  And Kenny is a good play by play man.  But if you give us the A crew I would think they would try to put us in the markets that would make sense.  First off take a look at the map.  I will continue my rant after the jump.


First off NY is blocked so the largest broadcast area is not going to see us.  Then Fox decides Philly and Washington should get the #2 broadcast area, LA.  I mean who does the selection for these areas.  Its plain dumb.  


Next is Chicago at #3, well they go Green Bay which I understand.  

#4 is Philly which has a game against Washington, again no issue there.

#5 is Dallas which is carrying the Philly/Washington game so it makes some sense but I could see them wanting better ratings they go for Detroit IMHO.

#6 is San Fransico/San Jose which is of course going Detroit

#7 is Boston and is carrying the Philly game

#8 is Washington DC so no suprise there

#9 is Atlanta and no suprise they are carrying Atlanta vs Carolina

#10 is Houston and they are carrying Philly vs Washington.


Now when you have only 4 games @1pm for FOX and they are Detroit 5-0 vs San Fransisco 4-1, Green Bay 5-0 vs St Louis 0-4, Washington 3-1 vs Philadelphia 1-4, and Atlanta 2-3 vs Carolina 1-4 there just are not that many sexy games.  Green Bay is gonna kill St Louis even the line is at -15 for Green Bay.  Washington and Philly is a good east coast game but frankly Philly stinks and are Washington is getting no respect but the early line is showing a dead tie.  Next up is Atlanta and Carolina which is southern state delight but frankly Atlanta is getting the early edge with a 4 point odds which is the same Detroit is getting right now. 


Now here is the rest of top 25 markets.

#11 Detroit, take a guess

#12 Seattle has Detroit

#13 Phoenix has Detroit

#14 Tampa - Blocked because of game not sold out

#15 Minneapolis - Green Bay

#16 Miami - Washington-Philly ( I have no idea why)

#17 Denver - Green Bay

#18 Cleveland - Detroit as they should

#19 Orlando - Green Bay again I have no idea why

#20 Sacramento - Detroit as they should

#21 St Louis - Has the Green Bay game should not move away

#22 Portland, Oregon - Detroit as they does the west coast does

#23 Pittsburgh - is blocked per NFL rules for home games in Pittsburgh

#24 Raleigh has the Carolina game no doubt

#25 Charlotte again the Carolina game


So from this list there is 3 areas blocked from seeing fox games.  Next Detroit has 7 of the top 25 markets.  Green Bay which is hosting a blow out is getting 5 games of which only 2 make sense, Chicago and St Louis.  Philly and Washington are getting 7 but 5 of the top 10 areas.  In fact I can only figure on only Philly and Washington getting that game IMHO.  I mean Boston is a stretch but why not give Detroit an option.  Last is Atlanta and Carolina which is getting 3 which makes sense IMHO.  The next 25 areas Detroit only gets 5 areas.  Green Bay gets 5 areas which only 2 could be moved out.  Philly-Washington get 10 more areas which is just crazy IMHO.  Of those 10 I think only 2 are safe for them, the rest well could and should go Detroit.  Of the 5 remaining, 1 is blocked the rest go to Carolina Atlanta which makes sense IMHO.


Whoops had the wrong record for SF fixed now


Well now they did a few changes, finally hehe.  Here is the list, Los Angeles CA; Boston MA; Miami and West Palm Beach FL; Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Utica and Watertown NY; Hartford CT; Las Vegas NV; Albuquerque NM; Providence RI; all Kentucky; all Nebraska; all Arkansas; all Maine; Erie PA; all Alaska: PHI-WSH to SF-DET
Orlando, Fort Myers and Gainesville FL; all Colorado; Nashville TN; Des Moines IA; all Montana; all Wyoming: STL-GB to SF-DET


Talk about just a couple.  So where does this put us for the top 50 areas, lets break it down again.

  1. New York - still blocked
  2. LA - its now Det vs SF
  3. Chicago - still GB
  4. Philly - still Philly
  5. Dallas - Philly
  6. SF/SJ - of course its us
  7. Boston - its now Det vs SF
  8. Washington DC - still Philly
  9. Atlanta - Of course its Atlanta
  10. Houston - still Philly
  11. Detroit - still us
  12. Seattle - still us
  13. Phoenix - still us
  14. Tampa - still blocked (not sold out even with NO coming to town at 4pm)
  15. Minneapolis - still GB
  16. Miami - now Detroit!
  17. Denver - now Detroit!
  18. Cleveland - still Detroit
  19. Orlando - now Detroit!
  20. Sacramento - still Detroit
  21. St Louis - of course its GB
  22. Portland - still Detroit
  23. Pittsburgh - still blocked
  24. Raleigh - still Atlanta
  25. Charlotte - still Atlanta
  26. Indianapolis - still Detroit
  27. Baltimore - still Philly
  28. San Diego - still Detroit
  29. Nashville - now Detroit!
  30. Hartford - now Detroit!
  31. Kansas City, MO - still GB
  32. Columbus, OH - still Detroit
  33. Salt Lake City - still Detroit
  34. Milwaukee - still GB
  35. Cincinnati - still Blocked
  36. San Antonio - still Phily
  37. Greenville, NC - still Atlanta
  38. West Palm Beach - Now Detroit!
  39. Birmingham, AL - still Atlanta
  40. Las Vegas - now Detroit!
  41. Harrisburg - still Philly
  42. Grand Rapids - still Detroit
  43. Norfolk - still Philly
  44. Oklahoma City - still GB
  45. Albuquerque - Now Detroit!
  46. Greensboro, NC - still Atlanta
  47. Austin, Tx - still Philly
  48. Louisville - Now Detroit!
  49. Memphis - now Atlanta
  50. Jacksonville - still Atlanta

That gives us 3 of the top 10 metro areas, GB gets one, Philly is still heavy at 4, and Atlanta still at 1 with one being blocked.  For the next 15 metro areas we are now at 9, GB has 2, Philly gets zero hehe, and Atlanta has 2 but two are blocked.  For the final 25 Detroit gets 11 areas, GB gets 3, Philly gets 5, and Atlanta gets 5 with only one area blocked. That gives Detroit a total of 23 of the top 50, GB has 6, Philly gets 9, and Atlanta gets 9 with a total of 3 areas blocked, 2 because of AFC games on CBS and one because people don't like football in Tampa.

So the change now is Detroit gets 11 more areas, GB losses four of their areas, Philly losses 8 areas yeah that is more like it, and Atlanta is gaining 2 areas.  Not a bad mix to be honest.  I still think it would better if Philly losses Texas to us as that would give us 4 more areas and if my brother could get Oklahoma to switch we be up to a total of 28 areas in the top 50.  BTW there is a total of 210 media market areas served by FOX.  So with us getting almost half of the top 50 I have the feeling that our game could be the one they switch to if there is a blow out in the 2nd half in the other games.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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