Mayhew Go Get Peyton

Not Manning, Lets get Peyton Hillis.

I have been one of the ones that has talked about patience and letting this season be the stepping stone into being a great team into 2012.  Lets face it, that might still be the reality, but this is the "not for long" league and right now we are as a hot as any team and only have room to get better.  Losing Mikel Leshoure in the pre-season was a big downer for this team.  I think all the fans, and with the drafting of ML, the front office too knows that we need that big bruiser type of back to both hit the short yardage plays and loosen up the defense to zap them with Jahvid.

The Browns don't seem to want to pay the man, and maybe they are still happy with having Hardesty in that role since that is what they drafted him to do.  Peyton's contract ends this year and he's only making 600K this season, which means he'd actually be easy to move if the Browns wanted to do so.

Ever since we grabbed Scheff off of Denver I wanted to see us get Peyton too, before he turned into Beast Mode in Cleveland (of note: they do have a great road grader o-line).  He was hauling trucks around on ropes during the off-season in some small town to get ready for the season.  "Hey Peyton, we have plenty of those around Detroit".

I originally, thought this plan might be crazy, but I've heard his name bantered around a bit on the trade rumor mill.  If so, let's go get him, he'd be a perfect missing cog in this already humming offense.

What would we have to give up for him?  Maybe a 2nd or 3rd, maybe a  player I dunno.  I like ML but if we could trade his rights and 5th to get Hillis, would you not execute the trade and get him paid maybe on a 3-4 year deal.  Honestly his career with his smash-mouth style prob won't last beyond that, something Cleveland must be thinking about in there rebuild mode.  Peyton needs to be on team that needs his skillset in the next 1-3 years of his prime.  Cleveland is not that team, Detroit definitely is that team.

For? Against? What would you trade?

I think our offense could be downright nasty with the ability to spread it all out like we have it now, but hit you in the mouth with Peytons aggression (he's got good receiving skills too).  He would thrive and love it in Detroit with what the team has going on and how the town would love his style.

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