Lions will bounce back big vs Falcons

A tough, heartbreaking, and close loss.


Best way to describe this slug fest, both teams came out swinging, but 49ers gave the final blow at the end to win it. I didn't think we would lose, but we did. It could've  gone in either direction at the end, but the 49ers were the better team yesterday.

I want to further state that even though we are still 5-1 and right in the thick of things in the Nfc North, this loss hurts quite a bit. To be undefeated and lose at home by a couple inches or a missed field goal to a good team stings. The Lions were overconfident, still riding that emtional high from Monday night, they went into this game lackadaiscally, maybe even somewhat lethargic, and the 49ers punched them square in the teeth. Even though it was a close game, the 49ers reminded the Lions just why they were 4-1 in the first place. They were just more amped up to win than the Lions were.



Stafford was off all night, running game was weak, the defense played good at times but got gashed by Gore for a few big runs. Overall the 49ers did just a little bit more to win and the Lions were left licking their wounds and trying to figure out just how they let this one slip away.



This Sunday will be different though. The Lions were humbled by this loss, which maybe was needed in the first place considering it hasnt been since Dec of 2010 that they even lost a game, so maybe a huge letdown was due after all of this optimism  left the players riding an emotional high. It happens to a lot of teams who win, they sometimes get too complacent and need a dose of reality to wake them up. The Lions are offically awake.


The Falcons are coming off a big division win at home, something that the struggling franchise needed. They have underachieved all year, but still have the talent to beat the Lions. If Michael Turner does the same thing to us that Gore did, I dont see us winning this game either. However, after realizing where they went wrong I'm sure that won't happen again like that. Gore had a couple huge runs but without those runs he was actually pedestrian. The Lions must not allow Turner to get going, which seems to be the same recipe that the 49ers used on us, for it would spell disaster for the Lions.


Stafford must and will get more accurate against the Falcons struggling pass defense. The Falcons dont have much of a pass rush or a secondary, which plays right into the Lions strengths. They do have a good offense, but their offensive line has been struggling as well to proctect Ryan or open holes for Turner so it would seem that the Lions d-line should be able to shut their o-line down. This game seems to be in the Lions favor. They will not come out flat after losing such a close, physical game yesterday. I see them trying to attack the Falcons defense.


The Lions may have lost to the 49ers, but they will rebound nicely against the Falcons. The only worry I really have is not being able to stop Turner which would open up their passing game and play action and that is their biggest offensive strength. If we can stop Turner, harrass Ryan enough into throwing errant passes, we will win this game. Jim Schwartz showed the world Sunday that he will not tolerate disrespect and these Lions dont lay down for anybody. Such a different type of team then I'm used to, it just goes to show you how tough the Lions players and coaches really are.


I mean, Harbaugh and the 49ers acted like they won the superbowl after a close win against the Lions, something that used to be expected at Ford Field is now honored. They have come a long way in just 3 short years. So, to Harbaugh and the 49ers players/fans, enjoy that squeaker win now because if we meet in the playoffs, which seems to be automatic for you considering how weak the Nfc West is, we'll be at Candlestick Park and this time we'll remind you just how we got to the playoffs to begin with. 



You may have won this fight, but the war is not over... 

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