Prediction for the rest of the season.

I was taking a look at the remaining schedule. I think the Lions stand a good chance of going 11-5 at this point. There are a few games that could go either way...but I have faith in them. I also think that 11-5 should be good enough to get them into the post season as a wild card (unless GB totally tanks the rest of the season I'm pretty sure they'll win the NFC North this year.). After the jump I'll break down my prediction for the remainder of the season. 

vs Atlanta - Win. The Lions are angry right now at the way they played against the 49ers.  Look for Schwartz to make a statement and right the ship with a victory at a what has been a very Jekyll and Hyde team this year.

at Denver -  Win Denver is sinking. They traded away their top receiver (even though Decker has more receptions and TD's then Lloyd, Lloyd was still their #1), Willis McGahee is not the answer at RB and they are going to give the Tebow experience a try. This team will come out confused on offense and looking tired on defense which will bode well for the Lions

at Chicago - Win. I think this will be a tough win for Detroit...mostly because of the field. I think Chicago's secondary issues will continue to get worse, their run defense looked horrible against us (but I think it will be better in Chicago honestly). If Detroit can force Forte to use cut backs instead of wide open holes I think Forte's number will be substantially less due to poor field condition. Look for Detroit to eek out this road win.

vs Carolina - Win. While Cam Newton has shown flashes of being a good player, they're only win was against a 1-5 team. We can talk about close loses till we're blue in the me, most of us did in the 0-16 season. A close loss is still a loss. This is a home game that the Lions will not lose.

vs Green Bay Lose -  I hate to say it, as mush as their secondary has looked suspect, Rodgers will carve up our secondary better then Stafford will carve up theirs. Everybody said last year that the GB game at Ford Field would be a high scoring game....I think this year it actually will be. Bad news, Lions will be on the lower end of that score.

at New Orleans Lose - This one is a toss up to me. New Orleans has a lot in common with Green Bay. It may be a positive that they played the Packers the week before, gave them an idea of what they'll face this week. Like I said, this is one of the toss ups, but I'm leaning towards a loss here.

vs Minnesota Win - Lets face it, the Vikings are imploding right now. I expect Ponder to be starting by the time they come around to Detroit. I think the Lions defense will confuse and consume the rookie passer and they will rely on Adrian Peterson who, at this point in the season, is starting to wear down from over use. I think Peterson will break a big one here and there...but not enough to hurt us in the end.

at Oakland - Win. Had Campbell still been there, this might have been a toss up. He's been playing decent (some might say inspired) this year. I think the lack of a QB that's experienced in their system and has a good skill set will be their downfall for the remainder of the season. Look for the Lions to put up another road win, making that road losing streak even more of a thing of the past.

vs San Diego - Lose. This one is tough for me to put in the L column. This could very well be another toss up. However, San Diego is historically one of those teams that pours it on late in the season. At this point I think they will have found their groove and just be a little too much for the Lions to handle. It will be a hard home loss for the Lions towards the end of the season but it wont be enough to break their will.

at Green Bay Lose- It's Green Bay, in Green Bay, in the winter. Now, as much as I'd love to see the Lions break their streak of losses at Green Bay, I just don't see it happening. Unless, the Pack sits their starters because they are already in the playoffs and don't want to risk injury. If that's the case, this might very well be a Lions win. However, I don't see the Packers doing that and giving a division rival an easier shot at a W. I still saw a loss here, hopefully not one that knocks the Lions out of the Wild Card spot.


Well, there it is. 11-5 with a chance to be 13-3 depending on two toss up games. If you don't like my logic, it's all good. Just like assholes, we all have opinions and you are welcome to yours. 


If I did make any mistakes in the schedule, let me know. I double checked them, but I'm kind of under the weather right now. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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