Crino's Observations, Don't blame Stafford


Stafford is playing the hand he is dealt.  One he is basically a sophmore "on the field".  Secondly the receivers can't seem to get open in zone coverage.  The are not sitting down in spaces, they are running through the zone making it very hard to throw to without an INT.  Staff hasn't turned the ball over much which is a good thing considering.  

Let's not just blame the the Oline. I understand they are not great but the schemes have been atrocious vs teams we don't play often.  I think that's a Linehan problem or possibly Stafford at the line.  But these sacks are unblocked guys.  It's not like our Oline is getting beat physically, but they are getting beat schematically.  We played Tampa last year did well this year, we beat Minnesota and Chicago, both divisional games. We beat dallas, played them last year.  Atlanta and San Fran defenses confused our offense, (QB, receivers, lineman, running backs) that's game plan if you ask me.  Stafford with so little games under his belt can't make those adjustments.

Burleson has been a no show in regular season. H can't get open and when he does he drops the ball, Titus is a rookie and hasn't come near his potential yet.  Tight ends and Calvin have saved us on many occasions.

Our run game is still not up to par, and I know everyone wants to blame the oline and they are part of the problem.  But our "stud" RB is just not that good and more suited as a third down back. Our back ups who are playing now are just that back ups.  By the time San Fran came around they realized our run game is screen passes, they stop those and it will be along day for Stafford. We are a one dimensional team at this point.

DrewsLions " They are playing pass on every down and the gameplan is simply an all-out assault on Stafford and he is getting rattled… because he is young and inexperienced, not because he is a terrible quarterback." 

Hey special teams! Quit kicking the ball to returners! That is simple. We did vs. Hester and then we kick to Ginn and the rest and they kill us.  Our coverage is atrocious and it shouldn't matter because you can just kick away and nip it in the bud.  

We have lost to two decent teams in the past two weeks, sure the players could of done better,  but it is coaching coaching coaching that is costing us these games.

So take it easy on the 23 year old Stafford.  He needs to find his way as most QB's do.  His draft mate buddy's, Sanchez and Freeman have gone through these and are still having problems.  Don't worry he is the real deal, and it will come.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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