Atleast it's not us 5-2 special edition

 Lack of news kept me from making this weekly but with Lions stubbing there toe the last 2 weeks I felt a pick me up would help.

1. T.O has his televised unattended work out yesterday. Turns out he has an offer on the table from Chicago who is in need of a big possesion reciver. They think Owens will give them a advantage in making a playoff run. OH I forgot to mention It wasn't the Bears it was the AFL team Chicago Rush. Seriously T.O you burned your bridges years ago what did you expect.

2. Ravens Cam Cameron seat is starting to sizzle, T-Sizzle that is, The Ravens stud pass rusher is questioning the offenseive play calling. They have a all pro runningback they need to take advantage of that. The Head coach is actually supporting him. Meaning chances are Cam Cameron will be forced to change his ways or they will be forced to change offensive coordinators.

3. Did you hear the Dolphins suck? Just wondering, The only man getting as much TV time as a certain QB in Colorado is Tony Sparano. He knows he's fired, they know he's fired a tremendous situation for a team who just signed JP Losman at QB this week. Sounds like top two names are Gruden who can still get out of his ESPN job to return to the NFL or Cower who wants total control and a QB. So no matter what you can bet Gruden will draft Luck becuase he collect QBs or Cower will pick him because why wouldn't he. I don't see any other team gettin him at this point.

4. Who needs a QB? I hear Jamarcus Russell is still availible. Not only is he out there free to sign but according to him it wasn't even his fault! Cable, Play calling, O line you name it they all screwed him over. In a SI interview Jabba the Butt says he was never given a fair chance to play QB at a metric ton plus. Just going to show he is a franchise QB because we all know Drew Brees blames everyone but himself.

5. Tony Dungy former head coach and superbowl winner at that for the Colts. Actually said that the Colts need to consider trading Peyton Manning. If they can get Luck they could build the team around him. Agree with him or not I can't imagine that sits well with 18. not everyone loves Peyton but there is no question now without him that team is nothing. He should win MVP at this point just based on his value to the team being showin to everyone.

6.  Oakland raiders gave up a 1st and a 2nd ( at the very least ) for bengals QB Carson Palmer. Palmer has had Tommy Johns surgery, His knee reparied more than once I beilve. Has played below par for himself the last 3 years. Yet Hue jackson recruited him to USC and was a coach in cincy for him. Talk about clouded judgment congrats Bengals. I am awarding you with this years honorary Mayhew award for taking the Raiders to the cleaners.

7. Vikings corner Chris Cook was suspended indefitnely without pay. He was arrested and jailed for strangling a girl. Classy I know but heres the suprise. According to Yahoo most NFL players are never arrested and jailed that includes Oakland and Cincy. The Vikings actually have one of the highest rates of players who are actually locked up by police.

8. Did you draft Chris Johnson in your fantasy team ? Oh you did, sorry to hear that. Not me I took MJD good thing too. CJ2 hundered has only 1 TD this season on 268 yards. An average of about 44 yards a game. Keep in mind he was the biggest hold out in the offseason.

9. You remember Hiseman running back Reggie Bush right. He called out the Dolphins simply saying "this team stinks!"  Reggie has sold more Pizza Hut Pizzas than he has yards. 232 yards no TDs. So Reggie maybe the next time you call out your team maybe not be a player who is holding them down huh?

10. In POD outing news. SLH is missing half a jar of Salsa from the back of his cooler. Some crazy drunk girl jumped in the back of his truck at a stop light and stole it. If you have any information please contact Detroit authoritys thank you.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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