Be careful what you wish for Denver...

For the last year; Dever fans have been cryin' for Tim Tebow to be the starting QB.  Naturally I never really cared too much because we hadn't played Deverin a long time and I will admit that even i was only a tad curious to see what the kid could do with the opportunity.  Well this week my only message to the fans of Denver is be careful what you wish for because we are going to be welcoming Mr. Tebow to his worst nightmare.

This week will be the perfect opportunity to regain all of the momentum we started the year with.  We are going to go on the road right before a bye week after two consecutive and frustrating losses and will be facing Denver's own Media Darling.  A win this week will be an entire bowl of chicken soup for the Detroit Lions and their fans.

One of the articles in the Free Press this morning was "Love him or hate him, Tim Tebow is a winner."  Ok, congratulations on a big over time win against the worst time in the National Football League.  Honestly the Tebow topic has made my laugh since the very beginning.  If he beats Detroit this week; it will be the hottest story of the year.  If he gets killed by Detroit; it was still be the hottest topic of the week.  Either way, Tebow will be the headline and the Lions will be setting the stage.

Let's face it, the Detroit Lions are slowly turning themselves into a familiar team with a notorious reputation in the late 80's led by a few guys named Bill, Joe, Dennis and Issiah.  Teams hated them and called them dirty players because they got aggressive and played with such physicality.  And of course we all remember the team that cried the most during that area because he just couldn't make David Sterns dream come true and win a title until his 7th year. 

As a Lions fan, I could care less if every team comes out each week and says they have no respect for us.  What the hell is so different?  They didn't have any respect for us for the last 10 years either; we were consistently the god damn joke of the league.  And now Roddy White wants to get on the air and cry about how Suh told them to get a cart and get Matt Ryan's ass off the field?  Wow!

This is just getting flat out annoying and right now my only wish this week other than another Detroit win is to expose Tebow for what he is... a college QB with nothing but false hype.  He is going to take on one of the best defenses league.  He is going to take on the most tenacious DLine in the National Football League and he is going to picked off multiple times by the most underrated secondary in the NFL. 

...Oh and if he even thinks about tucking and running; Stephen Tulloch going to knock the living piss outa him.



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