Crino's Observations, Heroic Victory

The first thing that comes to mind is WOW!  I was nauseous during the first half of that game.  

First drive it looked like we had a good gameplan and it was obvious Stafford was nervous.  He tends to start out shaky and usually settles in pretty quickly, but sometimes something bad has to happen for him to snap out of it.  It's like he is MMA fighter Forrest Griffin and doesn't put it together until he's bloody.  The Tampa game, it took Talib's pick six to calm him down.  Unfortunately it took him longer against Dallas.  Long enough for me to start thinking about things like Detroit may not be ready for the big games. 

The first drive showed me that Scott Linehan's game plan was right on, but Staff and some others weren't executing.  I think we could have had them on their heels early.  Who knows how the game would have turned out from there.  

But then Jason Garret's game plan vs Gunther Cunningham's early was a different story.  It seemed like we were in the wrong defenses against Dallas most of the time early.  There were times where it looked like we were settling in and Dallas would make a play or Detroit wouldn't make a play.  On the long touchdown to Dez Bryant on the opening drive, I was surprised Houston didn't make a play on the ball.  It looked like the old Chris Houston, always in position, never make a play.  

A few times in the first half, the defense would put together some nice plays on first and second down and then Dallas would dial up the perfect play to get the third.  That was frustrating and was causing some "old Lion's flashbacks"

After half time, I was getting texts from my Lions Fan buddies like " I am going to turn the game off"  and  "I can't watch anymore".  I was actually texting "I am naked, in fetal position, in the corner, rocking back and forth" when the Mighty Thor with his golden locks dropped into coverage, jumped up and snagged a Romo pass.  As he ran with the ball like a magic hammer, he took himself, me and every Lions fan over the Rainbow Bridge to the end zone.

Even though the scoreboard was still saying we suck, I didn't believe it.  That single moment turned it for me.  I knew that most teams have skeletons in there closet and we just pulled out the Cowboys' and tucked ours away.  The thoughts of the "Lions not being able to live up to the hype skeleton" was in the dark, with dirty laundry, an old pair of sneakers and a scrapbook with the door closed.  Suddenly the "Romo is going to blow this game Skeleton" was jiggling around, clinking and clanking in all it's glory.  The stadium filled with Cowboy fans received an early Halloween and were now transfixed on their beloved skeleton.  Gunny was now was ready to fire up the Lions Defense and the game I choose to remember started.


Thor (Bobby Carpenter)  It was obvious he made the turn around play, but he was effective all over in the second half.  He was present on many of the runs that were stuffed.  He made tackles in the passing game and was a difference maker.  My buddy after the game showed me the text where I said on Friday, Carpenter may end up being the reason we win this game, his forte is covering TE's and he knows the Cowboys well.  I love Justin Durant and think he may be our best LB, but I had a feeling about this game.  We are very lucky that Mayhew has put together a LB corps with Carpenter and Ashlee Palmer waiting in reserves.  

Megatron (Calvin Johnson) Are you kidding me, unstoppable.  And he pulls these plays off when we need them.  I could go on and on about him but you all know.  

The Sniper (Matt Stafford) It took him a while to adjust his scope. But in the end, he knows just how many clicks to turn that scope to fire a shot above everyone's hands but Megatrons.  He also had a few brilliant audibles late in the game that kept drives going.

Tully (Stephen Tulloch)  Besides having a solid tackling day, as he always does, he put the icing on the cake today with his interception.  Once again our LB's are getting it done.

Free Willie (Willie Young) I know, stupid name.  But him getting free and sacking Romo on the final drive sealed the deal.  

$low Grind (Chris Houston)  Houston, he had a problem.  But he solved it and started making plays.  The most memreable of course was the brilliant interception on a slant.  That is not something average DB's do.  He seems to be slowly grinding his way into a great corner.  By the way I think he is the NFL INT leader.

Wise Elder (Jason Hanson) Still kicking 50+ yard field goals.  Those legs still have some kick in them.

Unsung Heroes

Brandon Mcdonald, Eric Wright, John Wendling, Louis Delmas  All of these players made plays that affected the game.  BMac on the second to last drive stuck to Witten and made Romo throw to the wrong side sending the ball bouncing down the turf.  This lead to Detroit's last scoring drive.  Delmas and Wright were solid tonight.  I have been known to be harsh on Delmas at times, but he was ballin' during this game.  Wendling came in and put together a solid performance.

The D line had pressure most of the day, wasn't high pressure but we didn't blitz much.  It's almost like Gunny looks at blitzes like fine china, he only uses them for special occasions.  In particular i noticed a few plays were Cliff Avril's speed saved our ass, jumping out to cover RB's and such. KVB blowing up Doug Free on the Houston INT allowing him a free sideline.

Javhid Best had a solid game.  It's funny about our run game, it will rarely make SportCenter but it is somewhat effective.

The Offensive Line had a game that makes us all say "whew".  They were not pancaking people but Staff is still alive and we lowered Dallas' sack average today.  The long TD to Calvin today was because the O-line held firm.  The run game worked at times. 

I am sure I am forgetting some key players,  if I did I apologize.

Fallen Heroes

Erik Coleman and Amari Speivey left the games with injuries.

Final Notes

WE ARE 4-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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