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Hey guys, I saw this on another blog and thought it was quite funny, so I'm bringing it here.  We all know game day threads can get pretty intense, especially when we're losing, but they also can be hilarious.  So I'm going to bring you guys the best of the game threads, and I'll try to do this weekly if you like it. Here goes:



Like I said

greatest collection of #2 corners ever

    This was obviously after the first TD pass by Romo to Bryant, as we saw Houston give up just a little room to him.  This quote was in the midst of everyone already ready to shoot themselves or bang their heads on a door knob. 


Do the Lions sleep in on sundays?

I got a kick out of this one for some reason.  It just seemed so perfect a the time, just coming off a big comeback win in Minnesota and falling behind really early in this game, it did seem that the Lions slept in.



He landed on the right shoulder...

And got up…



yak yak yak shoulder yak yak yak

Eat me Ainkman

These two were reactions about the ever so obvious statements that we're bound to hear every game about Staff's shoulder.  I particularly like the last one.



A handy flow chart for the second half.

Barn + doors = now.
Barn + no doors = then.

The voice of reason comes through with a nice little flow chart.  Keep this in mind, people.




Is already pissing me off. Anyone notice that in the beg. of the game, he calls Grew “Scheffler”…dude one’s white and the other is black!!! MORON!


they chased him off twitter

true story.

Run you sissy


he';s a dick





Scheffler has real G swag though.

Easy mistake imo.

This little conversation was highlighted by the fact that Buck sucks as an announcer, and that Scheff really does have G swag.



No more points.

Everyone, admit something embarassing. We need some good karma.


Once again, Mav with the helpfulness and calm that we all so needed.  But really....Justin Bieber?



Around the league...

Tennessee destroying Browns.
KC leading MIN in third.
Chicago vs Cam Newton = 24-20
Washington handling Rams
Bills handling Bengals
Jacksonville keeping up with New Orleans
Houston up by ten on Steelers at half.
Eagles owning 9ers.
Lions about to beat the Cowboys.

My favorite quote of the game.  This was at halftime, foks.  Making that prediction, albeit foolish, was so fun to look back on and say, holy shit, we actually did it.




Can Joe Buck shit his dicksucker up

goddamnit, he’s such a tool.




That is huge...

Joe Buck sounds like Romo just prematurely ejaculated in his ass…so you know it’s gotta be good for the Lions.


Two of the best Joe Buck sucks lines IMO.  Just a few in a long string of them.



Romo is doing a Romo



Lions player of the game?...............Tony Romo



Romo has FIVE touchdowns today! That's pretty amazing.

granted, 2 of them are to Detroit players.


Some of my favorite Romo lines, this was after his 2nd pick six in one quarter.  And he's not a choke artist...ha




Hey Rob Ryan.

Did your secondary really just get owned by CJ in triple? Guess they should practice against Dez and Miles more often huh.


Just....yes.  Amazing catch, nice quote on top.




81, that is correct.

2 TD / Game. Coincidence?


Coincidence?  I think not.



felaciate my team now joe Buck

I think my favorite line, especially at the time that it came.  After Joe Buck had orally pleasured the Cowboys all day, it felt amazing for us to come back and win, which felt much better than any blow job Joe Buck could gargle.



If there's any I missed, feel free to put them in the comment section, as I'm sure I didn't get all of them.  If you like this, please tell me and I'll keep doing it.

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