The Most Beautiful Ugly Game Ever


I started to write a post last week about the Lions and their will to win and then their heart but then I thought...why not wait and see what happens against Dallas?  Well I waited and just like last week; I spent the entire 4th quarter going into cardiac arrest.

Based on what I've read in the papers, the opinions have been in favor of the Lions "Being for real" as opposed to being cautiously optimistic like most were for the Bills

Normally in the past I would have laid back on the couch and fallen asleep because I always knew what would happen.  On any given Sunday either the Lions would be blown out completely or would keep the game close... and then find a way to lose.  Other than the dramatic upgrade in talent we've acquired over the last couple of years, the entire mental aspect of the Lions has changed. 

  • Vs. The Bucks:  We played them pretty well the entire game and just when we ALMOST found away to lose; the Lions showed that they could CLOSE out a game and win.
  • Vs. The Chiefs: We found their weaknesses and capitalized and NEVER let them back in the game.
  • Vs. The Vikings: The Defense made up for the weaknesses of the offense and kept them in the game... the Lions Offense capitalized on that and started scoring at will.  Take all the stats out of the equation... the Lions just had the bigger heart.
  • Vs. Again after being dominated the 1st half, Bobby Carpenter decided he wanted to start a fire.  Chris Houston decided he wanted to redeem himself and Matt Stafford & Calvin Johnson decided they wanted to give Cris Carter the middle finger ONE MORE TIME.  The crazy part is... I subconsciously knew Lions would come back.


You can call it "Luck."  You can call it "Capitalizing on other peoples mistakes" but isn't that what a good football team does?  When you look back on all those record breaking seasons that Peyton Manning and Tom Brady had... did they win all their games 48-0?  So many sports analyst’s have well... analyzed the Lions and a lot of them have said "Wait until they get back to reality."  So what... has this all been a fantasy??    I know I'm just fan who occasionally writes a post on a fan site but with all due respect to those award winning writers out there... I suggest you stop pinching yourselves, this is very real.

Do the Lions need to stop digging themselves a hole so they don't have to come back from a 20 something point deficit?  Of course!!  But did they need a few wins like that to find out what kind of heart they have?  Absolutely. 

At this point right now, do we really care how we win games? NO! Because The Lions have been thirsty for wins like this for over 30 years.  Do I care that ESPN still wants to focus on the Eagles, Steelers, and Jets even though that they all absolutely suck instead of focus on the 1 of the 2 undefeated teams left in the NFL?  Nope, keep your sites on the "Dream Team."  Quite frankly I love shocking the world each and every week.  I love being a fan of a team that has the heart of a Lion... yes pun was intended there!!  Yesterday's game may have been ugly but it was the most beautiful thing I ever saw.  Fortunately it won't be as beautiful as kicking Chicago's ass next week on MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBAL!!

Right now the only thing that I wished I had right now is the luxury of waking up every morning and reading an article on from Killer and I think I speak for everybody on POD by saying that.  Just reading him talk about something and then have him follow up with that famous line "What's interesting about it is..." 

All I hope is the Lions keep taking the field every week and no matter what situation they find themselves in; they find a way to win.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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