Flex Scheduling for Week 10

I was rechecking my facts on Flex Scheduling and I found out that it will start in Week 10.  Now the change is because of Christmas weekend so they move it forward a week in those years.  Now the current NBC Sunday Night game is New England Patriots (5-2) @ New York Jets (4-3).  Both teams are doing okay however there is some other games that look as well.  I will discuss those after the jump.

The games that week are the following:

New York Giants @ San Francisco 49ers

Buffalo Bills @ Dallas Cowboys

Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears

Baltimore Ravens @ Seattle Seahawks

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals

New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons

Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs

Arizona Cardinals @ Philadelphia Eagles

St. Louis Rams @ Cleveland Browns

Washington Redskins @ Miami Dolphins

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Indianapolis Colts

Tennessee Titans @ Carolina Panthers

Of these games I like NYG @ SF, Pitt @ Cinc, and Det @ Chic the thing is if you had access to my updated SOS after Sunday games you see that NE @ NYJ has higher SOS for a combined team ie adding the rank of each together and the difference in their SOS is also higher than those other 3 games.   There is another caveat in the flex scheduling.  The NFL will try to avoid inter divisional games for Sunday Night.  Since they already have one scheduled however both teams get massive following outside of their markets it might not matter as much.  I do think though that the NYG @ SF could get a better following for sunday night football. 

Another thing to look at is the Chicago vs Detroit game could be an option as well however it does have a couple of issues.  First unlike the Cinc vs Pitt and NE vs NYJ is neither team is currently in 1st place in their division.  2nd is Chicago currently has 4 prime time games 2 MNF and 2 SNF which gives them only 1 more game left to play on prime time or if the NFL wants to make them one of the 3 exceptions and have them get 6 dates. 

The interesting thing about the Pittsburgh vs Cincinnati game is that Pittsburgh is currently at the 5 dates max however they have a SNF game against KC that will get moved off as KC is not that strong of a team versus last year team.  Looking at the schedule there is some good games but not exciting.  We will know more in two weeks.  I will say this though, if they beat Baltimore I do not see the Cincinnati vs Pitt getting moved to SNF. 

Overall I think the best bet for any game to be moved is the SF vs NYG game.  Detroit vs SF is enticing but I do not see them moving the game for essentially the same game.  We will know come Tuesday what the NFL will do.  The thing is that NYG just has not played a lot of good teams for having a 5-2 record.  Miami, Seattle, Arizona, and St Louis have a combined 4-24 record and the NYG had a 3-1 record against them.   The last thing I should mention is that CBS can protect the Pitt vs Cinc game and use that as a 4pm game and run it across most of the nation.  The interesting thing is that these two teams meet up in Week 13 when CBS does not have a double header like week 10 and with the games that are on that week may want to protect that game however I just don't know what they will do.  I do know that Fox does have a double header and will want to protect a game this week to air it nation wide.  Either the Chicago or SF games look good in any case.  We shall soon see happens in the end though.

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