Why Do I Feel Like The "6-2 History Lesson" Is Coming?

After dominating the Bronco's yesterday, we basically temporarily cured any doubt for now and are going into a much needed bye week so everyone including Stafford can start healing.  So again, this record seems all so familiar from two different seasons since 99. 

After Barry retired and left us with Ron Rivers, we still managed to start strong with a 6-2 record only to finish 8-8 including a 4 game skid to finish the season and loosing in the 1st round of the playoffs.

The worst time was in 2007 when somehow an absolutely horrible team managed to compile a 6-2 record only to loose all but 1 game for the rest of the season and finish 7-9.

I'm not convinced that history will repeat it self.  Here is why.


First off these are just stats... that's it.  What happened in the past, happened in the past. 

The team in 99 was a good team that flat out underachieved.  Bobby Ross even admitted years later about when he quit abruptly the next year that he was just flat out sick of coaching the team because he felt they were capable of going all the way but they were just not trying and play so uninspired.

Is that the case this year?  Considering the Lions are now considered "Evil" and Mitch Albom finally coined them as the "NFL Bad Boys."  You don't get that moniker by being soft.  You get that by playing football with a chip on your shoulder.


The team in 2007 was just flat out lucky.  They had an explosive offense and it was good enough to basically outscore crappy teams.  If you look at the teams we beat; they weren't that good.  The elite teams we played didn't just beat us... they destroyed us.  We were in games because we had Mike Martz utilizing the firepower that we had.  People criticized him for his lack of running calls in Det just like they do now in Chicago.  I find it funny because we didn't even have a running game.  Once we took away Martz and put in Jim Colleto for some unearthly reason, we basically took away our fire power. We also left in Joe Barry who which was really scarey because our Defense was horribe '07.... hence the infamous 0-16 season the next year.


Is that the case this year?  Only Beating Crappy teams? Some have been bad and some have been good.  At 6-2 in right now, I know in my heart that we should be 8-0.   The game against ATL was winnable and the game against SF was very winnable.  We just didn't show up to play in either of those games.  And lets not forget that we are still undefeated on the road this year! 

The next 8 games will be the tell-tale of how good the Lions are.  In two weeks we go out to Solider field to settle a score with the bears and then after that we host Cam Newton which should be a win.  We still have Green Bay twice who is the best team in football and we take on Minnesota again who even though isn't very good, they are still a tough team to play, especially with our O-Line not being able to stop the DE pass rush.  It's a very tough stretch to the end of the season but in my mind if the Lions can find a way to finish the season strong; especially with a win at Lambeau on New Years Day of all days!!... we should make a very... VERY convincing statement going into the playoffs. 

Do yourselves and your Lions a big favor when you see the "6-2 arguments" this week in the paper and wipe your asses with them. 


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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