Atleast it's not us post fight edition

 You know how this works so here it goes!


1. The Denver Broncos savior is winning games. While completing less than 5 passes. No one has mentioned Oakland and KC have trouble stopping the run. The one thing Tebow can do. With a broken finger and everything else that went wrong Stafford still had a beter QB rating than Denver did last week.

2. HEY, how about that Cam Newton. Our opponent this week is putting up spectacular numbers. Might even win rookie of the year...To bad spite all his numbers they are 2-6. Rookie of the year should come down to Julio,Dalton and Green on offense I belive. Unless the Panthers can win out....And well 2-6.

3 Recently a poll came out with the most overrated players in the NFL came out. If you didn't know the top 3 player were Tebow,Sanchez and Romo. As if that should shock anyone.

4. We all know Shaun Hill are backup QB right. Well I'll give you another reason to remember him. Matt Schaubs year seems to be over. Matt Lienart is stepping in to start. And the winless Colts are looking to turn to our buddy Dan Orlovsky. That should end badly. On the plus side Andrew Luck will learn from the best in the biz. Just goes to show you always need a backup QB. Favre can't replace everyone!

5. Desean Jackson wasn't even allowed at the game sunday after missing a morning meeting. He claimed his alarm didn't go off. Warren Sapp adimited missing those meetings and only being fined. Tells me there is much more to this than that. Desean Jackson makes less money than they eagles long snapper. You figure it out. Cliff Avril has yet to be paid...and not a peep from the Boilermaker so far. Or Matt forte either called being a pro. Something people questioned about Desean coming out of Cal.

6. Chris Johnson FINALLY had a game over 100 yards this week. Also scored a TD for the Titans. Guess when the discussion about the star running back actually getting cut comes around. Time to play your ass off.

8. Mark Sanchez made the dumbest call in NFL history when he called a time out. It's not just my opinon it's also the opinion of his head coach Rex Ryan..Who in the same game cussed out a fan in the stands. Yup ladies and gentleman Rex Ryan is first class.

9. Anybody see David Nelson hug his girlfriend on the sideling of the cowboys game? How is that contreversial? Did you see her? I think most of us had more than a hug on our minds but maybe it's just me.

10. Kevin Kolb the franchise QB that everyone wanted in the off season. Yeah he's being out played by John Skelton as he recovers from an injury. Far be it from me to write the guy off already BUT I think you can easily agree Philly did win atleast something this year...Mayhew of the season award.


Just want to take a quick second in this post to say how happy I am that Mickey Redmond was inducted into the NHL Hall Of Fame. Who in my opinion is the best broadcaster in Detroit sports right now. Mickey makes RedWings games so much better than any other broadcaster. I think he was well deserved of this honor and a former player whos career was sadly cut short. Mickey wasn't to shabby on the ice either. So congrats to Redmond on a well deserved honor.

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