Stop reading the stats... here is why we make the playoffs.

I keep reading all these recent posts about the odds of Detroit making the playoffs vs. not making the playoffs and how the bears have an easier schedule going forward and blah blah.

I think we can win at least 4 of 7 moving forward and here is why.

We took on a HOT Chicago team, bottom line.  They were riding a nice winning streak and coming off a big MNF win against the Eagles.  We however were coming off a bye week which in my opinion is only good for healing injuries and resting up.  I personally don't like bye weeks because its an extra week without playing football.  Stafford had a fractured finger and was playing on an offense that just did not show up to play. Do you think he would have been that bad with the ball if Calvin and Nate didn't fumble back to back??


  • This week we play Carolina.  This is a win guys; Cam can throw but his defense can't stop anything.  Our D-Line will fluster Cam all day and and ultimately we will out play them. Mark a "W"
  • Thanksgiving we have the packers coming to town.  Guys the Packers are due to be beat and our intensity on MNF will be the same on Thanksgiving Day.  Lets break it down...
  1. What can the packers do? PASS!  They're 3rd in the NFL in that category.  But wait... the Lions are ranked 4th in the NFL in pass yards defense... might be a problem for Mr. Rogers right before Suh and Co. smack the hell out of him.
  2. What can't the Packers do?  RUN!  Their 21st in the NFL and that is where the Lions are not good.  That shouldn't be a problem.

With those tid bits plus the now notorious crowd noise of Ford Field.  Mark that a "W"


  • @ the Saints on 12/4.  They can be beaten but it's a tough place to win a football game.  I'll give it a "L"
  • Minnesota at Home.  Granted if we can keep Jared Allen from planting Stafford 6ft into the turf at Ford Field, this should be a "W"
  • @Oakland.  We SHOULD win this game; were definitely the better football team.  Will Carson have found his stride by the time we come to town?  Maybe... but it won't be enough because of the Lions pressure.  Thats a "W"
  • San Diego at Home.  It makes sense to be able to take down the Bolts at Home and for how underachieving this team is, everyone knows the Bolts start playing football towards the end of the season.  Painfully I have to go "L"
  • @ Green Bay on NYD.  We haven't won at Lambeau since George Bush was president... HW Bush.  This is the toughest place to play on at this time of year and I don't even want to make a bold prediction.  "L"

If my predictions pan out, we will have finished 10-6 and 4-2 in our division.  That should be good enough to make a low seed going into the playoffs.  Everyone is a little sketchy now because the Lions got the crap kicked out of them last Saturday.  I think they show up this weekend pissed and hungry again.  Their back where they want to be... which is doubted by experts. 

With any luck; will even the score with the Packers and have another shot at Harbaugh and his 49ers.  You can't right a better playoff story for the Lions! 

I know some of this is far fetch but who cares!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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