Carolina a concern?

The more I think about this game on Sunday, the more I get concerned. Not because I think the Lions will lose, but I do get concerned that Carolina poses as a big threat to upset us in what really has turned into a key game for the Lions. The game this week is after what was the Lions' worst game of the year and Stafford's worst performance arguably of his career. It's also worth noting that 4 days after this game, we play the Packers on National TV (which I am overly optomistic about).

Here is why Carolina is a growing concern of mine for this Sunday. As many people have posted on here and talked about the "3-headed" rushing attack from the Panthers. DeAngelo Williams, Jonathon Stewart and dual threat QB Cam Newton. So to try and put away my concerns, I did a little research. Unfortunately, it did nothing to get rid of my concerns, in fact it made them worse. Here is a quick breakdown on a 4 game sample that I picked when we played dangerous RBs.

Game 1 - Kansas City -

Total - 151 yards at 5.2 per carry

Jamaal Charles 2 - 27 yards at 13.5 per carry. Dexter McCluster 8 - 51 yards at 6.4 per carry.

Game 2 - Minnesota -

Total - 132 yards at 5.7 per carry

Adrian Peterson 17 - 78 yards at 4.6 per carry. Percy Harvin 2 - 41 yards at 20.5 per carry.

Game 3 - Chicago (at Ford Field) -

Total - 122 yards at 4.9 per carry

Matt Forte 22 - 116 yards at 5.3 per carry.

Game 4 - San Francisco -

Total - 203 yards at 7.0 per carry

Frank Gore - 15 - 141 yards at 9.4 per carry.


I am concerned that with the rushing attack of Newton, Williams and Stewart, Carolina could run up the rushing yards, wear out our defense and play ball control while keeping the offense off of the field and tiring our defense. I definitely don't feel like we are playing a team that only has 2 wins this year, they pose a MUCH, MUCH bigger threat than their record would show. I also grow concerned because they have a very dangerous WR in Steve Smith that could very easily break open a big play or 2 with forcing our DB's to play run.

So I ask everyone this question, am I the only one that is concerned about this, or does everyone seem a little over confident for reasons that I am not thinking of?

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