Thanksgiving Game Breakdown

Well, just to change things up a little bit and get away from the fan vs. fan love/hate on the "Ask a Packers Fan Page", I am going to do a breakdown position by position of the Packers/Lions game. Please feel free to comment, and criticize as I will admit now that I have not and will not spend a ton of time on this post. This is just for conversational purposes more or less. I would also love to see other fan's perspectives of this as well.


  • Quarterback - GREEN BAY gets the edge here with Aaron Rodgers. Matt Stafford is and will be a very good QB, but has had to many inconsistant days to be put above Rodgers.
  • Runningbacks - DETROIT - I am giving Detroit the edge because of injury concerns to Starks and the recent emmergence of Kevin Smith that I don't think was a 1 game fluke. We also have a little more depth in my opinion, even if Best is out again.
  • Wide Receivers - DRAW - This is a very tough one to call. While the Packers have a great set of receivers, Detroit also posts a very strong WR core that includes a big man like Calvin Johnson that the Packers don't have. I might give a slight edge to the Packers for depth.
  • Tight Ends - DETROIT - While many of you probably just jaw-dropped, think about it. The Packers have a great tight end in Finley, the Lions have 2 very good TE's and a 3rd that can run block very well (Heller). Depth gives DET the edge.
  • Offensive Line - GREEN BAY - I think we have all seen the Lions' offensive line at work. Stafford has been hit way too much and knocked out of rythm. Look at the Chicago game. Can't say the same for Green Bay, which is why I give them the edge.
  • Defensive Line - DETROIT - Do I need to comment here?
  • Linebackers - DRAW - I think that I have to give this a draw, my first thought was to give the edge to Green Bay, but the more I thought about it, the more even I think it is. People are going to jump out and say "but Clay Matthews..." and that's true, but the overall LB depth from top to bottom is more even than most people would think.
  • Defensive Backs - DETROIT - I give the edge to Detroit because of our play at the Safety position. I will admit that Charles Woodson will likely be the best DB on the field Thursday, but no one else has really stepped up in that defensive back field. I feel bad for picking on a DB unit that opponents are forced to throw on because they are from behind. Detroit's DB's, while they may not be household names, have definitely held their own, and the DL helps make the DB's better.

Now, that is my position by position for offense and defense. I will give overall comparisons...


  • Offense - GREEN BAY - I give Green Bay the edge because they have done it on a consistant level. Detroit has not done that yet, when they do though...this is closer than it seems.
  • Defense - DETROIT - Detroit has held opponents to less PPG and yards.
  • Special Teams - GREEN BAY - Chicago game for Detroit, gives this away.

Those are my comparisons and again, I would love to hear your opinions and input and even see some others' thoughts on what their opinions would be. If you think I'm an idiot, fine, it's opinion based and fun...isn't that what this is supposed to be about???

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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