Update from POD Main fantasy league

We are entering week 13. This is the final week of the regular season in our fantasy league so I figured I'd give a quick update.

The standings have been in my signature since week 1 but here's another quick look.

1. Backus That Thang Up (lions_sucker) 10-2
2. The Blue Suh Crew (DrewsLions) 8-4
3. LoJack Sack Pack (The Profiler) 8-4
4. Better Than Mayhew (Sean Yuille) 7-5
5. Logan's Shakehouse (Me) 7-5
6. Fairley Suh-perb (Hyperion Ecta) 5-7 (Hype leads divsion 3 therefore gets the spot.)
7. Ndominators (sgdbw90) 7-5
8. House Of Spears (Latif Masud) 5-7
9. Delmas Demolition (CapitolLions) 5-7
10. Epic Beardmen (Nate D) 5-7
11. Motown Madmen (Jettero2112) 3-9
12.West Coast Cruizers (JCruize) 2-10

6 teams make the playoffs. Backus That Thang Up, Blue Suh crew, and LoJack Sack Pack are locked in. There isntan indicating mark by the 2 ans 3 seed in the league but they are both 8-4, I am 7-5 and the Ndominatorsare 7-5 and we play each other this week. The winner will be 8-5 the loser will be 7-5. If both Drew and Profilerlose they will be 8-5 and will make it. Sean is also 7-5. he is matched up against Lions_Sucker. If Sean pulls it out he will be 8-5 and advance. If he fails he will be 7-6 along with the loser to the match up of mine and sgbw90's. Sean currently outscores me 1,221 to 1,179 and sgbw90 by 1,221 to 1,159. Unless he tanks, Sean will most likely advance and still be in contention for 3 titles in a row.

The 6th seed currently belongs to Hype at 5-7 as a division leader. His way to the playoffs is Fairley simple win and he's in. Hypeleads because he is 3-1 in division. He is matched up with Blue SuhCrew so a win won't come easy. If Hype losses the winner of Capitol vs Nate will win the division with a record of 6-7 while the other 2 will be 5-8. If Fairley Suh-perbpulls off the W he will be 6-7 along with the winner of the other match up. Both Capitol and Nate are 2-2 in the division. since it is for the division crown division record is the first tiebreaker. Hype's win percentage would be better therefore he would win the division.

So basically, the teams currently in slots 1-3 are in. Sean is outscore the loser of Logan's Shakehouse vs Ndominators, and he's in. The winner of that match up is in and the loser is out . Hype needs to win. The winner of Capitol and Nate's match up is in only if Hype losses, while the loser is out. No mentions of House Of Spears as he is 5-7 in division 2. A win and he's still not in. Also eliminated are Motown Madmen at 3-9 and West Coast Cruizers at 2-10.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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