Some stats that Detroit is breaking or doing great at

First lets look at team stats for all time.

Point Differential +63, positive for the first time since 95 (100)

Points scored 395, 3rd place, 2nd is 397, and first is 436

Wins 9, good for 9th place tied with a bunch of teams. Could get up to 2nd place for wins.

Now for some individual records

Passing Touchdowns, Stafford with 33 best ever

Completion % Stafford 62.7 3rd best for QBs with 8 or more starts.

Completions, Stafford 356 2nd best, Kitna has the most with 372

Attempts, Stafford 568 3rd place, (Kitna 596, Mitchell 583)

Passing Yards, Stafford 4135 3rd place (Mitchell 4338, Kitna 4208)

QB Rating, Stafford 93.8 2nd place (Krieg 101.7 (7 games started))

4th Quarter Comebacks, Stafford 3 1st place tied with 4 others

Game winning 4th Quarter/OT drive, Stafford 4, 2nd place (Batch 5)

okay that is the passing records, how about rushing records, uhm wait we don't run the ball lets look at receiving records.

Catches, Johnson 81 good for 9th place (tied) 7th place is 82. (Moore 123)

Receiving yards, Johnson 1335 4th place, (Moore 1686) 3rd is 1338, 2nd is 1488

Receiving TDs, Johnson 14 2nd place (tied), (Box 15) btw Megatron is tied with Moore

Yards per game, Johnson 95.4 2nd place, (Moore 105.4)

Some other records

Single season Scoring Hanson 111, 11th place (Hanson 132) However 6th place is 117 and 5th is 121.

Career Coaching victories, Schwartz has 17 so far and the best since Ross with 27. I should point out that the record is Fontes at 66.

Single season Interception TDs Houston 2 (tied), (Barney 3)

Single season Sacks, Avril 11, good for 8th, (Porcher has 15) Cofer at 5th place has 12.

Career Sacks, Avril 30, good for 6th place, (Porcher 95.5) James Hall has 33 sacks at 5th place.

Career Forced Fumbles (includes fumbles recovered by offense), Avril 14, 2nd place (Porcher 18)

One last record to look at. Career scoring. Hanson is at 2001 good for 6th place. However 5th place is Blanda at 2002, Stover at 2004, and at 3rd place is Carney at 2062. The Anderso(e)n's are #1 and #2 at over 2400 points. But if Hanson does come back for next year he will have a great shot at Carney's spot. But he better get past Stover this year.

Just a side note on the top 10 tacklers for the Lions. 7 of them played with each other for the majority of their careers. They are in order of tackles, Spielman, Blades, Gibson, Jamison, White, Crockett, and Ball. Talk about a defense back in the early and mid 90's.

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