Game Day Threads Best (Mutha F***ing PLAYOFF edition)

Well, not quite playoffs yet, but we made it. Merry Christmas Lady and Gentlemen, we got our wish for a Lion's victory, and we had a great game thread to show for it. So without further adieu, here is your game threads best comments...

1st Quarter:

This is my most anticipated game in a long time

I feel like a 16 year old virgin on prom night.

-Wayne Fontes

There's no better way to put that. I couldn't sleep the night before, and not because of Christmas coming early. I certainly remember my first prom, but it was nothing compared to seeing my Lions get into the playoffs for the first time that I can remember.

Think about the NFC North

Luck, Stafford, Cutler, Rodgers

Not thinking of that but I will ponder it

-Wayne Fontes

Mr. Fontes starting off nice. I know there's plenty of Ponder jokes out there, but this was in the heat of the moment too, and it's Christmas, so get off my back.

Oh my

Cardinal player fell down on fourth down wide open in the end zone, Incomplete.

I had the wild wings guy turn on the sprinkler

-Wayne Fontes

Fontes on a ROLL so far. That commercial is horrendous though. Does nobody in watching the game know that the sprinklers are on? Like, come on. That's unrealistic. It would never happen....but it did.

2nd Quarter:

Durant is bringing the wood

You "beat" me to it


Ok, ok. I added the "quotes," but it looks so much better with it. Wood, beat....beat, wood. If you don't get it by now...

Stafford set the single-season Lions record for passing yards on that TD

-Sean Yuille

I just love the way that sounded. In his 3rd year, he's broken so many (all?) of the Lion's quarterbacks records. It's a sight to behold, and he's OUR QB.

Grew gets his weekly hurdle


We need to keep a Pettihurdle count for next season. I vote Kazilla keeps track. Done.

I called it 9 to 81=6


I do love that combination. If I'm not mistaken, that combination's TD yesterday broke another long-standing Lion's record. So kudos, lionsareking.

You know it's your day when

Harris is threatening to get a pick.


Amen to that. Not only was our offense unstoppable, our D was equally up to the challenge. They stifled Rivers, and without a pass rush...

That awkward moment....

When you can't even bust a run against four guys


Ugh, we know, Mav, we can't run....we suck at opening up holes (twss) etc... Wait, we were talking about the Lions, right?

Smart time out our D needed a rest they were out there for a whole minute

-Wayne Fontes

Fontes is on a ROLL! Nothing much to say here, cause it was so true.

If you're Norv, what kind of halftime adjustments do you make?

Flight plans, lol


Yeah, there were a lot to choose from, but Yooper was first with the witty remark, so he gets the points.

3rd Quarter:

Kick in the nutz FU moment

-Guess who?

It wouldn't be a game thread without two Joshsun comments: Something about coaching, and something about genitalia mutilation.

Better be a cramp

I'd be pissed if a teammate started jerking around my broken leg


I'd be pissed if a teammate started jerking around me period.

4th Quarter:

Hey they dusted off Old man Ford for today's game!

Wheeled his taxidermied body out there

Weekend at Henry's

Nate D.

It also wouldn't be a game thread without a classic Nate D media reference.


Playoffs! Playoffs! Playoffs!


I only included one of the PLAYOFFS! comments here, or else it would be the longest fanpost in the history of P.O.D. Mav gets credit for noticing it first, or at least commenting on it first.

Well guys, hallelujah. We made the playoffs. I can't wait to do this for an actual playoff game. Looks like the winner today was Wayne Fontes, and for your prize, I contributed to the cigar fund. You're welcome. See you in a week!

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