Lions unexpected postseason run starts this Sunday!

The Lions appereance in playoffs maybe kind of surprising for some "analysts" but not for us who have seen a team rising from a 0-16 season to become a high quality team. The lions have all the key positions in place now to beat more than one team in the playoffs specially the /·$%&/ 49ers. Lets take a look at the key positions the Lions have solidified this past years.

Lets start with QB Nuumber 9!!

Yeah Mathew Stafford has prove the nonbelievers what he can make. This season 36 TDS, 14 INT and 4,518 yards so far. I have to say I grab this kid in my fantassy team in the 6 round as my first QB selection and that move made me go as far as the second place on my fantasy league. Stafford is the main reason the Lions will be the nightmare for opposing teams in playoffs. But as you know every great QB should have a GREAT receiver right? and that player is...

WR Number 81!! Calvin Jhonson better known as Megatron!!

This player is amazing!! He is a constant threat to the defense and that helps in so many ways at the entire offense but I have to say that my favorite attribute of this man is not his ability on the field is has do more with his excellent attitude. He is a team player and nonselfish star. He could easily be like a Randy Moss or a TO with all the media attention and fame but not this man he is a professional and I have to say he is a role model for all. It's GREAT to have you in the Lions Calvin it really is.

DT number 90!! Ndamukong Suh!

Suh is a freak of nature. A complete beast that Im sure inspires terror for any QB in the NFL. If he can be focus while playing hard he will be a MAYOR factor in these upcoming games. Come on Suh we need you playing Hard but within the rules!

Other key players

MLB number 55 Tulloch!

FS number 26 Delmas!

LE number 92 Cliff Avril!

WR number 16 Titus Young!

All of these players have mayor impact roles in our team and are doing a great job so far. If you think that any of these guys have more than 28 years old then you can expect a great future for this team. We just need to upgrade our OL and our CB that's all. SB wait for us next year or max two years! Mark my words!

So here is my prediction for this playoffs.

If the Lions beat the Packers (I'm almost sure they will) the next would happen.

Detroit will face either NYG or the Cowboys. Both of these teams will be defeated by the Lions especially the Cowboys. They will face a pumped Defense and a healthy Stafford no way a team so inconsistent like these would end our party.

Next stop San Francisco.

San Francisco has an excellent defense but their offense is not such a threat. I believe that Schwartz would love to see the 49ers dream end thanks for his team. This game would be a MUST win for Schwartz. I bet he will study the 49ers so bad that he will know every posibly trick in the Harbaugh's bag. This is not just a playoff game for Schwartz THIS IS PERSONAL!! My forecast is the Lions starts fast and aggressive just like the Chargers game. Alex Smith cant keep up...San Francisco SB dream ends here.

So Yes this is my projection. Detroit will fight for the Conference Title!!!

A huge step for this organization and a great learning process for all our young players.

Unfortunately I belive the Saints will be in this game too. Therefore I have to be objective and give the win to them

The Saints have a superior offense due to their running backs (3 quality RBs) Saint running game will hit hard our weakest point in defense and even when we try to keep up scoring points Drew Brees will end our ride in this game.

Well that is not bad in my opinion. The Lions will return soon to playoffs next year and if Stafford and Megatron are healthy the Lombardy throphy will be in Detroit in no more than 2 years.

Well thats all, hope you liked my post. You agree? You dont? Leave your comment :) I would like to read your oppinions.

I just have to say good luck to the Lions and wish you all a Happy new Year!!!



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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