Some Interesting Factoids About Offensive Pass Interference

(Ed. note: Great stuff. Bumped to the front page.)

These come courtesy of The Football Database. I've helpfully sorted the relevant portions by links.

Link 1 - Penalties by team for 2011, sorted by number of OPI's called.

Link 2 - Penalties by player for 2011.

I merely present these to give people an idea of how bizarrely the game was called.

Up to now, there have been 192 games played this NFL season. In those games, 2493 penalties have been called - an average of 13 penalties a game. Of those 2493, 54 were for OPI, which averages out to .28 OPI penalties called a game, which is roughly one every four games.

No team has more than four OPI's for the season. (An average of one per three games.) Three teams have four - Carolina, Kansas City, and Detroit. 15 of the 32 NFL teams have a total of one or none.

The 54 OPI's for the season break down like this: 43 players have one OPI on the season. Four players have two OPI on the season. One player has three. (Three guesses as to the identity of that person, first two don't count.) No offensive player has more than three. No defensive player has more than five (Patrick Peterson).

I'd also point out here that this was not a normal officiating crew, since early in the contest the Umpire had to leave the game with a leg injury and did not return.

Now, I cannot speak for you, and I do not believe in conspiracies, but I'm at a loss to explain how in the world a short crew managed to call a penalty on one offensive player more than any other crews have managed to call the same penalty in the other 191 games this season on any other offensive player in the NFL. I'm also at a loss to figure out how Nate Burleson can go from being good enough at it that he has not been called for OPI in any of the other 11 games the Lions have played this year to committing more of those fouls in one game than any other offensive player in the NFL has had called on them in the entire year.

Anyways, yell at me below. Or whatever.

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