New to the site..Thoughts on the draft

Hey fellas, 

I've been reading posts for the better part of a year and finally decided to post a topic. I'm sure you guys will have some things to tear me up on in the future but I figured I needed to wet my whistle at one point or another. I know draft talk is becoming something of a lost cause at this point, but I figured i'd give a few points of view from a guy who has been a die-hard fan since my dad gave me that honor/burden some 30 years ago. So here it is:

I'm not fascinated with any option we have at the #13 pick this year. It seems ironic that i've spent every draft year for the last however many, excited about the prospect of adding a HUGE piece to the puzzle. But now we find ourselves in the "unfortunate" situation of finding a player that will instantly impact our steadily improving team while not wasting a pick on someone who might take a few years to make such an impact. I want a CB or LB that will make our already strong defense something to be feared, but at the same time i'm not sure such a player will be available at number 13.

That being said, here are my wishes for the draft (assuming free agency won't occur before the draft and we find ourselves in a shitty situation where we have to decide whether we can pick-up an impact player through FA)

If Prince or Miller doesn't fall to us at our spot, I think its time we ask ourselves if our O-line can be considered a strong point for the years to come. We all understand that Staff is the future of our franchise, and if he can stay healthy, we will be VERY hard to beat. Thats why I believe we should push for Solder or Pouncey when our clock runs out on draft day. We could draft Ayers/Harris/Smith and so on and so forth, but none of these guys make me say WOW! And if thats the case, why not draft a player that could solidify our line for years to come, as opposed to reach for a player we MIGHT be happy with or might be terribly disappointed with like so many defensive players at those two positions we've drafted in the past. 

My ultimate point is that when it comes to positions like CB and LB, there are very few that come in and make a large impact there first year in the league (i.e. Sims, Dizon, and to go way back Fair, Westbrook, etc. ) So why not use this pick on an impact OL that could be incorporated this year and ultimately become the bedrock of a future stud group in the trenches. 

I'm just not thrilled with the idea of using our mid-first round pick on someone who might be great, instead of using it on someone who could contribute this coming year as well as be a very big part of protecting our future. I trust Mayhew/Schwartz to make the right pick, I just hope it isn't on someone who can make 70-80 tackles a year or 2-4 interceptions a year, but not have a long term impact on our up-and-coming teams success.

Try and keep the bashing to a minimum fellas, i'm just dipping my Chrysler-200 dipstick in the mix

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