mmm! My Mock to mock

Ok, I'll have a go at it with a pre combine mock.  Tear it up!

1- Brandon Harris, CB Miami   He's the type of CB I want.  Good speed, not afraid to thump, and most of all a great attitude and wont get shaken.  (alternate pick Jimmy Smith, CB- besides Miller there isn't a LB I want in the first and we DON'T need another LT so BPA wont trump into those positions)


2- Mason Foster, OLB WA  He's a jack of all trades LB, he may not be the fastest or toughest, but he'll be around the ball against the run or pass.  Most importantly he has the desire to put himself into every play.  When he gets wound up by our leaders I think he'll be fantastic.  (alternate pick Jason Pinkston G, Ptt)


3- KJ Wright, OLB MS State  I got your pain train right here!  He's the type of LB they want that will lay the wood and is capable in coverage.  Unfortunately he may well not drop this far :/  (alternate pick Bruce Carter, LB NC)


4- Tim Barnes, C MO  I think he's perfect for us.  He can have a year to develop behind Raiola.  He's already strong and has room to grow.  He needs to refine the technique and learn what the NFL is about.  I wouldn't cry if he was forced into action right off the bat even! (but I'm sure some would)  (alternate pick Moffitt, G/C WI (dreaming), Tyler Sash S, IA)


5- Lester Jean, WR FAU  He's my favorite WR projected to the later half of the draft.  I've been mocking him at 7 but Mayock f'd that up by naming him as his sleeper pick of the draft.  While not CJ he's of that mold.  He's a tall guy that can run a solid route and has good hands.  He's a bit thin for the height but can likely develop that and be even harder to bring down after the catch (if they can catch him!).  I think that in time with CJ, Nate, and him available it'll soften the "we don't need another WR we run 2 TE set" mantra. (alternate pick Greg Mcelroy, QB Bama)


7- Ryan Jones, CB NW MO ST  I have to confess I haven't seen him play.  I'm basing this off of draftnik scuttlebutt.  (alternate pick: beats me!)


I'd love to hear all your non-Ayers thoughts on this mock!  So, have at it!

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