POD Awards (for fun)

I've been thinking, it's the end of the NFL season and the last few weeks we've seen a multitude of awards given out. (I think there were even a few that did not go to Suh.)

So I thought it might be fun if we have our own awards for POD. So, here's how it works:

1. Make up an award that you think somebody should get.

2. Give the name of the award.

3. Give the name of the person who should get it.

4. Give a quick description of what the award is for.

The awards can be for ANYTHING but, please try to keep this positive. Something like this can get out of hand pretty quick with "biggest douchebag of the year" awards and such. Please refrain from that sort of stuff. We're all Lions fans here, after all.

Be creative and be positive and this could really be fun! Here's mine:

1. The PLATINUM PIXEL AWARD for outstanding use of images in these forums to fit any situation goes to:

The Profiler!

Whether a hilarious joke type image or the always welcome hot girl pic, great job this year, sir!

2. The RODNEY DANGERFIELD AWARD for getting "no respect" and still sticking to his guns goes to:


Congrats to Joshsun for being one of the more attacked posters on this blog and still coming back. You have a thick skin and you stay true to what you believe. - worthy of respect from me, AND also worthy of this made up award that means absolutely nothing!

"When I was in high school, I called this girl. She said 'come over there's nobody home.' I went over, there was nobody home!" - Rodney D. - (this quote doesn't necessarily have to do with Joshsun I just thought I'd give the late Rodney D some love.)

3. The GOLDEN GAUNTLET AWARD for shivalry goes to:

Jamesir Bensonmum!

Congrats on always making sure the rules of decency are at least mentioned (even if they're not necessarily followed, lol).

4. And of course, the BEST MODERATOR award goes to:

Sean Yuille!

Keep up the good work, Sean, this is the best Lions site on the net!


OK, that's mine. I'm sure there are many more y'all can come up with. Have at it!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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