With the 13th pick...

What's up POD? Haven't been here since the preseason game we had, but I'd like to start off with a congrats, you guys are really improving and Suh is a beast, no teams more deserving of a bounce back then you guys. I came here not as a Broncos fan but a mockaholic and want your opinion. My question(s) after the jump.

I spend most of my time and post my mocks on MTD, if you like the draft I reccomend you visit, we'd love to have more people provide feedback for our mocks. My question(s) surrounds around your #13 pick. I have a good feel for most needs, but I am struggling a bit with the Lions. It seems like every pick I make half the Lions fans on MTD either love it or want to rip my head off. So I'd like to get your feedback on a couple points.

First off, lets talk about value. I realize LB is your biggest need, but this isn't a strong LB class. Akeem Ayers is a decent prospect, but IMO I don't see value for him till late teens, early 20's. At 13 its a reach and I really don't like mocking reaches, especially for a team like yours who has clearly been going BAP for the past 2 years. Plus, there's a lot of LB depth in the 2nd-3rd round, so if need be you could easily snag 2 starters in those rounds. I realize many might not agree with my Ayers assesment, but for the point of my mocks just entertain me, Let me give you a couple scenarios and you tell me what you'd like (or think) the Lions to do there:

1. Prince Amukamara falls to 13. Is it a stretch? Probably, he's a great technician and has been at the top of mocks for quite some time. However, the fastest 40 time I have seen for him is a 4.49, which is pretty much a 4.5. Going to the combine, where 40 times are remarkably lower then 40's taken on campus, this may be even worse then people would think. Now, its not the end of the world for him, but teams don't like taking CB's high unless they have 4.4 speed. So in such a scenario, where Prince falls, do you think the Lions would pull the trigger?

2. One of the premier pass rushers falls to the 13th pick. As of now, I value Von Miller, Robert Quinn, Ryan Kerrigan and Cam Jordan as probable to drop to your pick, and I would think only one would. IMO, these guys are great rushers and although your not devout for talent at DE, I would think you'd like to snag one of these elite rushers. Kerrigan might not be as great of value, but if one of these premier DE's falls, do you think the Lions could take him?

3. Nate Solder at 13. I realize the OT class is pretty terrible, but Natre Solder looks like a guy who can develop into a great OT. He's 6'8, 315 (with room to grow) and has a lot of athleticism for such size. If he falls I could see decent value. Lets say if niether Prince nor the elite rushers fall here, could you see the Lions getting this behemoth for the LT of the future?

4. This goes beyond just the 13th pick. I love Jahvid Best and loved him at Cal, but I think we can all agree he's not an everydown back and should have a RB next year to spell him. Also, I've been influenced into believeing Kevin Smith won't return, and the rest of your RB depth (no offense) is not exactly awe inspiring to help Best. If a great RB falls to your second rounder (i.e.: Mikell Leshoure) could the Lions take him?

These are the most realistic scenarios I could think of for your pick(s). For the sake of this, please entertain my assesment of Ayers and let me know what you think of the likelihood of each scenario. If I think of any more, I'll be sure to post them.

Thanks POD, I hope for great feedback

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