Offseason fun

Just wanted to kind of play fantasy football with our team, just for fun. I wanted to get some ideas of who POD would like to trade, willing to part ways with to better the team or players they like in the draft. If you don't like my ideas that is fine. I am just bored and wanted to play some, what if, ideas with the team. I know FA is up in the air and everyone is going off current projections of rankings by draft order. So lets not be to ruff on each other. Just sick of who for SURE we should draft and wanted to hear more about the direction of the team. Certin players to me have not been bad but are not worth what we are paying them, getting older and will need a replacement on and so forth.


Trade 2011

Would love to see BJ, D. Williams, K. Smith, Aaron Brown traded as well as if we can swing it, JP.

Willing to part ways with for the right reasons

Corey Williams is getting old and I believe making 3.5 a year. He is mostly a pass rusher and not the best against the run. If we don't move him this offseason, we will need to in the future. Look, I really like CW but I believe he is at the end of his career and has 1 year at best before we see a major drop off. I would rather get real value and save on the cap now then have a bigger problem next year...if this is possible. I know I did not name anyone to replace him, just a thought.

Houston...He was the best CB this year for us. That being said we have great depth and a couple of young players who may only end up being depth or average players. I would rather us focus this draft on CB and look for LB help in FA with 1 big splash and a couple of mid level pick ups for the other OLB side. Greenway would be my major offseason pick up with maybe a few smaller ones. Basically I am sick of average at best and want to make a real effort to picking players who may need a year but actually have a chance to become a shut down corner or above average CB. Houston to me does not fit more then average at CB and will test FA and get into a bidding war.

M Morris for a 3rd rounder if possible. Look, I love this guy ! He is everything I think someone wants in a player. He too falls into the getting to old and we will need a replacement. That being said, it would only be for a draft pick and a good price or else I would not want to get rid of him at all.

Gos.. He has really improved and I am thankfull for that. I am not thankfull for his salary compaired to his performance. Regaurdless if MM signed him, he still signed his name on that contract and he has not played anywhere near what he is being payed which I saw once was over 10M a season. Maybe I am wrong but that is something I am looking at.  Also he seems to have knee problems that keep nagging him and I am starting to wonder on that one.


Avril, McBride and L. Johnson


1st round...Would love to see us move down in this draft and try to get Harris at say 19th or somewhere around there and pick up an additional 3rd rounder.

I would trade Gos for a shot at Carimi. He seems like a bulldog and I would like to see that in our line. At best he might also be able to replace Buckas but at worst I believe would be better and cheeper then Gos. If need be we could add a 4th rounder for Carimi or something of that nature. We would at this point have 2 1st round picks as well as a 2nd 3rd rounder.

2nd round...C. Brown, I would love to see us with both these CB to load up for the future.

Being that we traded Corey W. as well as a lot of lower round picks, I think we could get into the 2nd round again. Most likely late round. I would here think about John Moffit or Bruce Carter. If we went with one of these two with a 1st 2nd rounder then we could get B Burton with this pick.

3rd round - Down.... What we would have left is depending on what we traded up to get. If we traded all of the above players and traded down with our 1st rounder we should have picked up multiple 3rd rounders. That being said we also should have a lot of lower round picks due to the first few I mentioned on trading. Players from 3rd round down I like would be...Jurrell Casey, Greg Jones, Austin Pettis,Chris O' Dowd, Casey Mathews, Deandrew McDaniels, Bilal Powel ( RB), Ahmad Black, Mark Herzlich.  These names would all depend on what picks we have left and where in the draft they are. Also if the player is available as well as who we take in the earlyer rounds.


I think we have to REALLY go after AND GET, Chad Greenway. If we get him and a couple of later round OLB, we will be fine at LB. Add in someone like C. Brown and Harris in the draft and the potential is there. Saving the money from JP and Houston, we should be much lower then we are on the cap. Plenty of room to get Greenway. We would also save plenty of cash on DT and RT due to the C.W and Gos trade. That would give us room for Greenway and a older CB who could teach our young CBs and eventually move in next to Delmas much like a Charles Woodson type. These are just general ideas and wanted to know peoples thoughts.


Have fun telling me I need to be locked up and go beer !! :)  

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