Call from Canton (part 5)


  What can you say about Shannon Sharpe that he hasn't already said about himself. Shannon is always good for a laugh and dosen't back down from anyone. He was blessed with many talents and running his mouth may be the one most people will remember but Sharpe was an outstanding football player. The Brother of Green Bay Packers legendary receiver Sterling Sharpe says he wanted nothing more than to be just like his brother. Sterling was his idol growing up in poverty in Glennville Georgia. When it was announced Shannon had made the Hall of Fame class of 2011 he said. " I would give anything to trade places with my brother, the day he called me and said he would never play again I cried for days." Shannon has made it clear that he would not be in this position today if it wasn't for Sterling Sharpe. So to understand Shannon's drive to get to canton you need to realize how close he is with his brother and why he worked so hard to get where he is. Shannon admits in high school and even college he wasn't that good at football and now. Shannon was part of back to back Super Bowls with the Broncos and you get 2 rings for winning a Superbowl. Sterling has the 1st ring Shannon won, he was also part of the 2000 Ravens Superbowl run. Call from Canton gives you the breakdown of Shannon Sharpe the man that was to big to play receiver and to small to play tight end.


 Sharpe attended Savannah State as a 3 sport athlete. Shannon played Football, Basketball and did the triple jump in track. Sharpe was a 3 time SIAC selection between 1987 and 1989. In 1987 Sharpe was named SIAC player of the year. He was also Kodak divison II all american in 1989. He led the Savannah State Tigers football team to their best record in program history in 1988 to 7-3 and then 8-1 in 1989. Sharpe nicknamed the shape shifter also graduated with a degree in Criminal Law. Sharpe went on to enter the 1990 NFL draft to start his pro career.


  The 1990 draft has only 2 Hall of Famers before Sharpe. Emmit Smith of the Dallas Cowboys and the undrafted Jared Randall of the Minnesota Vikings. Sharpe was picked in the 7th round with pick 192 by the Denver Broncos he would win Superbowl's XXXII and XXXIII with Denver and remain there until 1999. Shannon would leave for the rising Baltimore Ravens team and signed by Ozzie Newsome who said "I think he's a threat when he's on the field. He has to be double-teamed. He's a great route-runner. He's proven that he can make the big plays. That's what separates him. He's a threat". In a 2 year stint Sharpe would win one more Superbowl with the Ravens in 2000. He returned to the Denver Broncos in 2002 and finished his career with the team that drafted him and retired after the 2003 season. Sharpe retired with 815 receptions, 10,060 yards and 62 touchdowns. Sharpe was the first tight end ever to achieve over 10,000 receiving yards. He was the all time yardage leader among tight ends until Tony Gonzalez broke the record in 2008.


                   Career Achivements

  • 8 x Pro Bowl Selection
  • 4x AP first team All-Pro selection
  • 1x AP second team All-Pro selection
  • 3 Superbowl wins
  • 1990's NFL all decade team

 Sharpe like his brother has taken a job as a commentator for the NFL. Shannon works for CBS doing Pre-game and halftime reports. He has a regular column on and played in the 2005 World Series of Poker. Savannah State has sense retired Sharpes number 2 jersey and has been inducted into the divison II football Hall of Fame. Shannon was also listed on the Broncos 50th Anniversary team as the starting tight end. Sharpe was always considered a player that had no position he was to big or to small or to slow. Well I guess he did ok for a 7th round draft pick that nobody knew what to do with. Welcome to Canton Shannon Sharpe well deserved indeed. On a side note I hope in some way Sterling can be involved in the ceremony. Maybe Shannon will have him be his presenter but for those that don't know the story. Sterlings career was cut short in Green Bay after a leg injury and was one of the  best receivers of his day behind Rice and Irvin both Hall of Famers. Most people including myself feel that if Sterlings career had not ended abruptly he too would be in the NFL Hall of Fame.

"I won't talk about someones mother. I won't talk about their girlfriend or their wife, but if you have a deformity, I would talk about that." - Shannon Sharpe

Part 6 the final post of this series will focus on one of my favorite players. A key part to the Greatest show on turf Marshall Faulk. When they say Superman wears a 2 and a 8 on his chest it wasn't a joke. Faulk was a true great at running back which wasn't easy in Martz pass happy offense featuring Kurt Warner, Issac Bruce and Tory Holt. This may be the post I have looked foreword to the most. So look for that in the coming days.

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