A Lions mock draft sure to piss everyone off...

   Last draft talk season, someone (can't remember who) posted a link to an article about how the Lions should concentrate on the offensive side of the ball since that side is close to being complete at every position. The guy who wrote the article wanted the Lions to draft Russell Okung at #2 (90% of us disagreed) and brought up great points but as we all know now, SUUUUUUUUUUUUUH was the right pick.

   This upcoming draft, maybe concentrating on the offense could be the way to go. I know, I know, the defense needs a hell of alot of help and LBers and DBs are the biggest needs, but this is a somewhat deep draft for those position areas and could be addressed later.

   I'm not advocating a concentration on strictly offense and totally ignoring the defense, just bringing up the possibility the FO might go this direction just to spark a bit of discussion. I'm also not saying "this is what the FO MUST DO!", I'd love a shutdown hardhitting defense as much as any and all of you, but for shits and giggles...

Rd 1- Julio Jones WR Alabama 6'4 210lbs OR Nate Solder OT Colorado 6'9 314lbs

Both of these guys might actually be the BPA when the Lions pick at 13. Solder would probably sit for a year behind Backus though and the Lions are grooming Jason Fox...

Rd 2- Stefan Wisniewski C Penn St. 6'3 302lbs OR Mikel Leshoure RB Illinois 6'0 230lbs OR Jonathan Baldwin WR Pitt 6'5 220lbs

Wiz is already bigger than Dom and can put on more bulk without losing a step. I highly doubt Leshoure will be here when the Lions pick in the 2nd rd, but if he is, ya gotta consider this sledgehammer. He'd be a great compliment for Jahvid Best. If Jones isn't taken by the Lions in the 1st and Baldwin is here, hhhmmm...

Rd 3- fuck this particular fanposts topic for a round and lets draft a LB here. Maybe Bruce Carter slides here because of his injury but I doubt he'll slip this far. Quan Sturdivant or Casey Matthews could be available and solid value here. Feel free to rattle off defensive players names that you think could be available when the Lions pick in the 3rd rd.

Rd 4- John Moffit OG Wisconsin 6'5 320lbs OR Tim Barnes C Missouri 6'4 310lbs OR Jamie Harper RB Clemson 6'0 230lbs OR Terrance Tolliver WR LSU 6'5 230lbs

It's pretty obvious I'm talking about shoring up the OL, RB and WR positions in this post.

Rd 5 and 7- go for defensive developmental depth or maybe draft a Center if the Lions haven't already. Maybe Zane Taylor C Utah 6'2 309lbs

I'm not saying this is what I WANT the Lions to do, just some thing to think about. And no, I'm not smoking crack as I wrote this...





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