2011 Detroit Lions vol. 4


Honestly I can finally say this and mean it, The Detroit Lions, OUR Detroit Lions are only a couple players away from being legit contenders in the NFL. Mayhew and Schwartz know this and I think will do what is necessary to make this happen. They talked about how their outlook on free agency has not changed so I dont expect some HUGE moves like Nnamdi Asomugha or DeAngelo Williams (though I would love either one of those guys in Detroit) but I expect semi big moves just like last year with KVB and Burleson, especially since we are not picking too high and their will be a rookie cap.


  1. Matthew Stafford #9
  2. Shaun Hill #14
  3. Drew Stanton #5

Running back

  1. Jahvid Best #44
  2. Kevin Smith #34
  3. Maurice Morris #28
  4. Ahmard Hall FB #45 (Free agent signing)

Wide Receiver

  1. Calvin Johnson #81
  2. Nate Burleson #13
  3. Santana Moss #89 (Free agent signing)
  4. Greg Little #80 (3rd round draft pick)

Tight End

  1. Brandon Pettigrew #84
  2. Tony Scheffler #85
  3. Will Heller #89

Offensive Tackle

  1. Jeff Backus #76 LT
  2. Gosder Cherilus #77 RT
  3. Jason Fox #70
  4. Joseph Barksdale #78 (5th round draft pick)

Offensive Guard

  1. Rob Sims #67
  2. Stephen Peterman #66
  3. Kevin Boothe #78 (Free agent signing)


  1. Dominic Raiola #51
  2. Dylan Gandy #65 (Re-sign)

Defensive End

  1. Kyle Vanden Bosch #93
  2. Cliff Avril #92 (Re-sign)
  3. Turk McBride #75 (Re-sign)
  4. Lawrence Jackson #94

Defensive Tackle

  1. Ndamukong Suh #90
  2. Corey Williams #99
  3. Sammie Lee Hill #91
  4. Alan Branch #98 (Free agent signing)


  1. Stephen Tulloch MLB #55 (Big free agent signing)
  2. DeAndre Levy OLB #54
  3. Akeem Ayers OLB #52 (1st round draft pick)
  4. Isaiah Ekejiuba #50
  5. Bobby Carpenter #59 (Re-sign)
  6. Ashlee Palmer #58 (Re-sign)


  1. Chris Houston #23 (Re-sign)
  2. Jonathon Joseph #22 (Free agent signing)
  3. Aaron Williams #24 (2nd round draft pick)
  4. Alphonso Smith #27
  5. Aaron Berry #32


  1. Louis Delmas FS #26
  2. Erik Coleman SS #36 (Free agent signing)
  3. Amari Spievey #42
  4. Deunta Williams #21 (4th round draft pick)
  5. John Wendling #29 (Re-sign)

Free Agency:

  • Ahmard Hall, FB (We need a fullback that opens up holes and knocks out linebackers)
  • Santana Moss, WR (We need a reliable 3rd receiver and I think Mayhew will get it done, if too expensive then its not worth it, but could come cheap with the chance he has to be a big weapon)
  • Kevin Boothe, OG (Need some depth on the front line, should come cheap)
  • Alan Branch, DT (Big, physical, nasty, and an upgrade over Fluellen, should be cheap)
  • Stephen Tulloch, MLB (Should be the top priority and is a Schwartz favorite, a solid, tackling machine)
  • Jonathon Joseph, CB (Solid corner but because of injuries will not get the money he deserves)
  • Erik Coleman, S (Already signed, but brings a veteran presence to the defensive backfield)


1st rd,13th. Akeem Ayers, OLB, UCLA (Believe me, I didnt want to do this but I feel like the Lions brass really likes him and I think Solder and Amukumara will be gone by 13 and Tyron Smith isnt a project we can afford)

2nd rd, 44th. Aaron Williams, CB, Texas (I think he will definitely be there when we select in the 2nd round and believe he is very underrated. A-Will has the size (6ft, 204) to be a great cover corner)

3rd rd, 75th. Greg Little, WR, UNC (This kid might be one of the best WRs in the draft but because of the problems at UNC last year he falls way off. In the 3rd round, he's an absolute steal)

4th rd, 106th. Deunta Williams, FS, UNC (Safety is not a complete need, but our BPA approach would have us take a play maker like Williams. I think he would be a steal this late)

5th rd, 151st. Joseph Barksdale, OT, LSU (Detroit boy, was at one time viewed as a first round talent but never completely lived up to the bill but has the size (6'5", 325) to be a good player with good coaching)

6th rd, 200+. (Trade back into 6th rd) Nick Bellore, LB, CMU (Absolute tackling machine, and the coaches really seem to like him after they met with him at the combine. Could start as a practice player but has potential)

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