My after the combine mock

I'm giving in and making my own mock draft.  I waited until after the combine for a reason, so I could see more players and so my opinion might be better viewed.  So here it is, complete with my reasoning as to why we picked the players we did, and why we didn't pick others.


Round 1:  Cameron Jordan, DE

I have been a big supporter of Jimmy Smith as most of you guys know, but our FO mostly likely will not pick Smith because of character issues.  So I'm trying to be more realistic with this pick, but this is a tough spot to be in.  We need a good, young outside LB'er, as well as a CB, but none really stand out as being worth this high of a pick. (Assuming Peterson and Prince are gone, as well as Von Miller.)  So I have to go with BPA that will fit a need in the future.  Cameron Jordan won't, baring injury, start for us next season.  But KVB isn't getting younger, and it is always key to have depth on the defensive line.  Our D-line was key last year, and with KVB having one, maybe two more serviceable years, we will need this guy, who is the best on the board.


Round 2:  Martez Wilson, ILB

What?  You mean no CB or OT with the first two picks?  This is correct, although I want to mock Aaron Williams here, but he had a good combine and might even be gone in the first round.  Wilson fills a huge need and is still the BPA if he's here.  He had a nice combine as well, which may force him up in the late 1st, earlier 2nd, but he also could still fall here.  Very athletic, good in coverage and run defense, and a high motor.  Illinois fans may say he didn't produce on the field what he could have actually done, and this may be the reason he slips to us here.  If he doesn't, I'd still go LB'er, but Bruce Carter or Greg Jones would be the pick.


Round 3:  Shareece Wright, CB

Yes, we address our CB issue with this pick.  Not a name that's been thrown around on this board too often, but after seeing him at the combine and doing a little research on him, he looks to be a solid guy to take in round 3.  Doesn't have the best hands and can take mental lapses every once in awhile, but is physical and has good range.  Had a good showing at the combine and a good interview.  One thing I really like is his attitude, he's soft spoken but speaks his mind.  Solid pick if we can get him.


Round 4:  John Moffitt, Rodney Hudson, Benjamin Ijalana, G's

As you can tell, I just want a guard here.  I don't know if any of these guys are here, but most likely one of them is.  guards are not my strong point when it comes to scouting, but I know I like these three guys above the rest.  We need an upgrade over Peterman, and these guys have the ability to take that spot for the long run.


Round 5:  Buster Skrine, CB

One guy that I've never heard about before the combine, but showed incredible speed and fluid hips, along with quick feet and a good reaction.  He's very small, only 5'9 and 185, but could bulk up considerably and be a steal of a pick if he can pan out.  If we're talking Al Davis draft here, I mean, HE RAN A 4.29!  4.29!  He can almost keep up with Chris Johnson!


Round 6:  BPA

Not really worried about this pick, as the FO knows far more than I do, especially after the 3rd round.  They go BPA here and we'll all go, "cool, I'll go look this guy up on the internet and see if I like him."  Which you will.


So that's my first and only mock draft that I will do.  I know I will get people who love it and people who hate it.  But this is different than most other people's drafts, and I would still be elated to see this go through.  In the F.A market, I expect us to make a splash in the CB area if we don't go first round selection of one.  Alright that's it for me.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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