POD's Most (and least) Hated Teams

I was over at the Titans SB Nation blog today and came across a game that they are doing over there.  I thought that it would be fun for us to try it seeing as things have gotten a little stale during the off season already because of the CBA. And nonstop talk about the draft.  This will hopefully give everyone something to do for a little while or at the very least bring a little humor.  Oh yeah and while I was over there I found out that we are the Titan fan's most liked team.  They said they follow our team now because we have Shwartz and KVB. More after the Jump

To provide you all with one more small thing that can bring you here on a daily basis, I thought we could adapt something I've seen that's much more common on other types of internet boards (television, video games, ect). They're  commonly referred to as "Hurt/Heal" threads. 

The premise is simple. You take a list of some kind, in this case, NFL Teams, assign them an arbitrary amount of points, and then every user can make a post once every 24 hours stating what team they would like to "Hurt" and what team they would like to "Heal". As an example...

Jacksonville Jaguars - 10 

Houston Texans - 7

////////////////////Redwolf333 posts: Save Houston, Kill Jacksonville/////////////////////

Jacksonville Jaguars - 9

Houston Texans - 8 

Easy enough. Each Save and Kill is worth a point respectively. You want to Kill teams you dislike, and save teams you like. You have two total actions every 24 hours, so you don't have to necessarily Save one team and Hurt another. You can use both your actions to  give points to a team (Double Save), or use them both to take points away (Double Kill). Once a team reaches 0, they have exploded into internet space forever. Ideally at the end of this, we'll have a ranking of all 32 teams from most to least favorite, based on which team survives the longest. Obviously the Lions won't be included in this. I will be posting who gets the killing blow on each team and that person will be rewarded with an extra point per day. It's simple, it takes about 5 seconds to do, and it'll be amusing to watch the teams whittle down. Pointless endeavors are pointless, but that doesn't make them any less amusing!

If this turns out to be really unpopular then I'll just delete this post. Otherwise, I'll edit this, and we can get started!

I'm going to start each team off with 32 points since there are 32 teams and update this post daily.

P.S. please rec if you like it so it can stay up.

P.P.S. we are looking for reps to put these up on other SB Nation Blogs so that we can eventually compare all 32 teams and find out which are the most liked or disliked according to the fans.


Updated on 03/09/2011 at 2:41PM Eastern Time

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars - 48
  2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 38
  3. Indianapolis Colts: -36
  4. Seattle Seahawks - 34
  5. Miami Dolphins - 33
  6. Buffalo Bills - 33
  7. St. Louis Rams - 33
  8. Sand Diego Chargers -33
  9. Atlanta Falcons - 32
  10. New Orleans Saints -32
  11. Cleveland Browns - 32
  12. Arizona Cardinals -32
  13. Carolina Panthers -32
  14. New York Giants - 32
  15. San Francisco 49ers - 32
  16. Denver Broncos  - 32
  17. Baltimore Ravens: -32
  18. Houston Texans: -32
  19. Tennessee Titans - 31
  20. Cincinnati Bengals - 31
  21. Green bay Packers -31
  22. Kansas City Chiefs - 30
  23. New England Patriots: -22
  24. Pittsburgh Steelers: -22
  25. Philadelphia Eagles -20
  26. Oakland Raiders -18
  27. Minnesota Vikings -18
  28. Washington Redskins -7

The Graveyard

      1. New York Jets: Finishing blow delivered by  Nate D. he now has 3 points per day

      2. Chicago Bears: Finishing blow delivered by The Profiler he now has 3 points per day

      3. Dallas Cowboys: Finishing blow delivered by  lions44 he now has 3 points per day

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