draft method


there is a discussion on another forum i read about what is better

BPA regardless of position VS BPA at position of need


grew and best where not considered the BPA(by media board).. obviously they where by ours but that is b/c we needed them so the FO but them higher on our board then the media...

some say suh was a "BPA regardless of position"  but i think we did need suh.. we had know way of knowing id CW was going to go back to what he was.. and the FO didn't want to start hill in his rookie year... the plane was for him to set for a few years obviously they where forced to start him but once the got suh there where able to go back to plan A with him(witch was to sit him and develop)

anyway you cut it BPA is all ways NEED.. a QB will never be the BPA on our board(meaning this year and the near future) TE will likely not happen till 3rd if at all.. DT likely wont happen at all.. and once you start say stuff like BPA(other then QB TE DT) it stops being BPA.. and starts being BPA at position of need

no 2 board look the same.. the lions will put 4-3 guys ahead of 3-4 guys even if the 3-4 guy has more talent.. the lions will always put a need like LB ahead of a position that is settled like QB...  but a team like the bears for example will have both OL and WR ahead of LB and QB

so b/c every team needs are different every teams BPA is different

 so a team like the lions who have a major hole at LB will have each 4-3 LB that fits them higher then the medias board.. b/c they will not have positions like QB DT and TE very high

the big board posted on ESPN looks like this


1. Da'Quan Bowers DE Clemson 97
2. Marcell Dareus DT Alabama 97
3. Patrick Peterson CB LSU 97
4. A.J. Green WR Georgia 97
5. Von Miller OLB Texas A&M 96
6. Nick Fairley DT Auburn 96
7. Robert Quinn DE N. Carolina 96
8. Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri 96
9. Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska 96
10. J.J. Watt DE Wisconsin 95
11. Tyron Smith OT USC 95
12. Cam Newton QB Auburn 94
13. Julio Jones WR Alabama 94
14. Nate Solder OT Colorado 94
15. Cameron Jordan DE California 94
16. Aldon Smith DE Missouri 93
17. Mark Ingram RB Alabama 93
18. Corey Liuget DT Illinois 93
19. Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa 93
20. Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin 93
21. Muhammad Wilkerson DE Temple 92
22. Jimmy Smith CB Colorado 92
23. Anthony Castonzo OT B.C. 92
24. Mike Pouncey C Florida 91
25. Akeem Ayers OLB UCLA 91
26. Ryan Kerrigan DE Purdue 91
27. Jake Locker QB Washington 91
28. Justin Houston OLB Georgia 90
29. Rahim Moore S UCLA 90
30. Phil Taylor DT Baylor 89
31. Randall Cobb WR Kentucky 89
32. Cameron Heyward DE Ohio State 89



i only went up to where Ayers was b/c people keep claiming how he is not the BPA.. but you take out the 5 DTs and QBs and that move him up to 20... you can make a case for how  a few other player would be lower as well.. due to position value(RB C WR) low need (OT DE) players with character concerns(J Smith) and he starts to fly up the boards


so i ask you waht is better BPA regardles of postion or BPA at postion of need

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