Risk Versus Reward

  Looking at the NFL draft I want to discuss the factors of players that are high risk high reward. I will give you some examples of players with those labels. From there I would just like to get some of your thoughts on taking those risk in hopes of getting that huge reward.


JUMP I dare you....

 High Risk players sometimes give you high rewards but sometimes they can set your franchise back. JaMarcus Russell had great physical skills none of which ever paid off and left the Raiders with a wasted 1st over all pick, one of the greatest draft bust of all time, A lot less money and no franchise QB. Every year teams take those risk is it worth it?


Nick Fairley- Risk - One great season no one is sure he can continue to build off that there are also big questions on his work ethic.

                        Reward- The team the drafts Fairley could end up with a beast to anchor there D line for many years. He won't be Ndamukong Suh but he may be one of the best at his position.


Cam Newton-Risk- Red flags in his background including a criminal record, Aside from the Ncaa investigation other questions about his work ethic and abillity to learn the NFL game have come up.

                         Reward- If Cam can overcome the criticisms and work hard he has the potential to be the face of a franchise. His athleticisim and rocket arm gives him the physical tools to be a great QB if he had mental aspects to do so.


Bruce Carter-Risk- A torn ACL to one of the best linebackers in the country should send up red flags. Carter has always relied on his physical strengths and less on his instincts. If can't come back from the injury fast his NFL career could be over faster than is started.

                          Reward- Bruce Carter could be the best 4-3 OLB in the draft if he was healthy. Should he recover a team may have themselves a perrenial All-Pro. Very Athletic Bruce Carter has all the tools to be a linebacker that can make big plays.


Jimmy Smith- Risk- Poor work ethic, bad attitude, Horriible combine, History includes drugs and arrest. Needless to say tons of red flags

                          Reward- If Smith can grow up and crack down on learning the game and put his past behind him he has all the tools to be one of the best corners in the NFL. Chances are his draft stock will drop much like Mario Manningham just based on a drug charge. If Smith can overcome that and work hard perhaps he will be one of the top DBs in the NFL in due time.


DaQuan Bowers- Risk- Bowers had a knee injury at clemson. Knee injurys can bee very tricky and linger. Any team that drafts him will likely get the best DE in the draft. There is always the chance though that his knee will cause troubles.

                               Reward- A tremendous DE prospect who should have no trouble being a factor at the next level as long as his knee injury questions are answered for good.


Ryan Mallett-Risk-Tons of questions about his background and abillitys to be a leader. Going back to Michigan he has a poor history with attitude problems and many other issues. He must adress these problems or he will be throwin out of the NFL by ever GM in the league.

                       Reward- Probably the most NFL ready QB in the draft. Comes out of a pro style offense, He has good accuracy and unbeliveble power in his rocket arm. Could be a franchise QB if he can change his attitude and learn to be a leader and teammate.


 Now my question is if it was up to you do you where do you draw the line? Is a risk worth taking at only a certain price or does talent always out weight the risk?  Obviously I didn't list all the players or the full story I am just curious on everyones thoughts of players who are Boom or Bust.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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