The "Best" Mock Draft that I have seen so far

  There are a tons of mock drafts out floating around in the Internet world. Most seem to have the Lions taking an offensive tackle with the 13th pick.  I know the sentiment on this site, is that an offensive linemen is not a big need in the top part of the draft. And I agree with that.  So, in my search to find a sensible, reasonable, and even a sagacious mock draft website.  I came upon  So here is what I believe to be the "Best" mock draft out there so far.  Well, at least in my opinion.  Put it in the context of how an actual draft could turn out.  This mock was conducted by several persons representing other teams. I know it is not the most ideal draft. And take in the account that the free agency period will not begin until after the draft.  So I beileve that teams might draft assuming that the players that have not signed their tender will not be with their teams next season ( ie Chris Houston...).  

Round 1- #13 Brandon Harris 5'9 191lbs CB Miami

While some players may be more highly rated on YOUR board, teams scouts' judgment is often clouded by team needs. If a GM says, "we need a CB," All of a sudden, CBsstart flying up boards. In this situations, Brandon Harris slides right into a Lions uniform, filling (arguably) their biggest need. Withno OLB43 worthy of this spot, and OT not a glaring immediate necessity, Harris is the one player who could step onto the field right away for the Blue and Silver. He's a polished prospect with great athleticism, but will need better ball skills to be a Pro Bowl caliber NFLer. --Mike Schottey, DraftTek Analyst.

Round 2 - #44 Mason Foster6'1 245 lbs OLB Washington

With no quality LB candidates in the first round, (down! down! Akeem Ayers fans!) it becomes an even greater need in round two. In Mobile, Jim Schwartz personally watched the linebacker workouts from field level--not something a lot of head coaches are known to do. Was Foster someone he liked? No way to tell, but he's rising up a lot of draft boards because of his versatility and athleticism--two things the Lions need in their defensive back seven.--Mike Schottey, DraftTek Analyst.

Round 3 - #75 Quan Sturdivant6'1 241lbs OLB North Carolina

Round 4 - #106 Curtis Marsh 6'1 197lbs CB Utah State

Round 5 - #151 Ricky Elmore 6'5 255lb DE Arizona

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