The Players aren't right... just the dumber of two evils.

Seriously it's becoming nauseating reading about the crap every day for the last couple weeks.  Here we are hoping everyday that a new deal can be reached and "Football" can be resumed... and we’re witnessing everything down to the mother freakin twitter wars between this guy and that guy. I will admit that in the midst of all this, the owners are the ones who look like the greedy evil McMahon empires of the league but it sure as hell doesn't help when idiots like Adrian Peterson comes out and sites "Slavery" as comparison to how players are treated.  Really?  My word of advice to you Mr. Peterson is to keep your stupid ass mouth shut and let guys who actually have a brain and went to class back in college do the talking. 

Do you think he ever even wondered why guys like Payton Manning and Tom Brady are the lead plaintiffs right now and not either him or Chris Johnson?  Because they actually can present the players seriously with "intelligent" arguments and I can guarantee you this, Payton and Tom are sitting back home praying to God nobody else comes out and rants off to the media about absolute nonsense.  Just run the ball, cash your checks and shut the hell up.


In my mind, all the players need to do is give them the extra billion and this will all go away.  FYI, that extra billion a year is a fixed amount.  That means that even if the pot gets bigger over the next 5-6 years (if that is the length of the new CBA) that number WILL NOT change.  Instead DeMaurice Smith sticks his nose up to it and says "It’s not fair."  Your right DeMaurice, it’s not fair!  It's not fair that gas is $3.79 a gallon.  It's not fair the Lions are always have disappointing seasons. And it sure as shit isn't fair that because you people couldn't agree on anything and handled the entire situation like an absolute joke that we the fans won't get any football either! 

Just remember one thing.  Thus far into DeMaurice's Smith's tenure... he has made the players, no money.  You think players are overpaid?  This jackass hasn't produced one dime in any capacity for the players but yet puts on a great show in front of the cameras.  he onece called the negotiations "An all out war."  This guy is just as stupid as Adrian Peterson. 

To conclude I will say that I am not on either side right now.  Quite frankly they are all slowly ruining professional football and have been more concerned about virtually everything else instead of getting a deal done.  If they think for one second that they are proving a point; I got something for both sides.

Players- Give DeMaurice Smith a hand; he has successfully negotiated that none of you will receive paychecks until further notice.  Why don't you ask him if he would be so flamboyant on the camera if his salary was affected to?  He's playing the game of poker very carelessly... with YOUR money at stake.  If they were his chips on the table, do you think he'd be so reckless?   Give them the money guys; give them the money so you can get back on the field and do what you love.


Owners-  You guys really know how to make yourselves look bad don't you?!  Negotiating TV deals with lockout protection!? That’s a new one!  a bigger rip off then Best Buy even! Seriously did you really think that nobody was ever going to find out about that?  If you initially didn't like the deal then why in the hell did you ever agree to it? People DO NOT like working for people they don't trust.  I'm glad you have back up money this season to survive a lockout but answer me this.  Do you have back up fans?  It happened in baseball and it happened in hockey and now you people are going to be the ones who do it to football and risk setting back the popularity.

Value your employees guys, show them appreciation for the work they do on the field.  I admit they are paid handsomely to do it but still.  Seeing as you guys want the extra billion dollars, would it be so hard to be the bigger people and personally reach out to the players?  The players won't go near you because you look like snakes.  Nobody goes near a snake and nobody trusts a snake.  Reach out to them, repair your relationship with them, ditch all the layers and just talk numbers.  You will be amazed how much easier it is to negotiate with a cooler head.



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