A mock you have never seen before

OK... here it goes... another mock draft. All the players in my mock should be BPA when the lions pick, while also trying to hit multiple areas of need.

Mock comes after the jump...

Round 1- Cameron Jordan - DE - (Cal)
I know, I know... he played in a 3-4 scheme in college, but I'm not in love with anyone else, if we actually pick at 13. I don't think Prince will fall to us and there aren't any OT that have proven enough to go 13th overall. Cameron Jordan is at least a stout run defender and a "High motor guy that plays till the whistle stops". He just happens to be the BPA at 13... and in this mock... trading down/ up is not an option.

Round 2- Curtis Brown - CB - (Texas)
This guy is quite simply a pure athlete, and could contribute in a number of ways. He played up at the line in college and is great at breaking on short routes.... one thing that burned the Lions last year. Teams have noted his soft, natural hands, tendency to high-point interceptions and smooth transition from backpedal to breaking on passes in front of him. He'll fit man-to-man or zone schemes, with the lateral and straight-line quickness to trail receivers downfield and start-and-stop agility to match any corner in this class.

Round 3- Mason Foster - LB - (Washington)
This guy impressed a lot of scouts at the combine. He is a very instinctive player who can read the play before it happens to be there to make the tackle. This past season he racked up 163 tackles!!!!! The four-year starter has the instincts to play in the middle and the athleticism to remain outside. This kind of versatility is exactly what the Lions are looking to add.

Round 4- Kristofer O'Dowd - C - (USC)
Ideal size. Athletic enough to consider moving to guard in the NFL and has experience at the position. Long arms and strong hands to control his opponent. Good strength and balance to anchor against the bull rush so he won't be over-powered by larger DT's (like Raiola).  If he's still on the board look for the Lions to pull the trigger.

!!!!!!!SLEEPER ALERT!!!!!!!

Round 5- Alex Green - RB - (Hawii)
This guy is th best power back in the draft. He lead the country with 8.2 yards per carry this season. Big, tough, physical cut-and-go back with a knack for lowering his shoulder and creating contact. Decisive, hard runner who knows where he's going as soon as he gets the ball.  Keeps his weight forward and feet churning, rarely falling back or losing yardage. Quick feet for a back of his size (6'0", 220 lbs.). Also ran a 4.45 40 at the combine. Isn't afraid to take on defensive linemen in pass protection and maintains route accuracy through contact from linebackers when running routes in the flat.
Take a look for yourself... ... I know he's running through some big holes... but he can make them too.

Let me know what you think of my picks in the comments.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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