Drafting/Free Agents.

I think we need, OLB, CB, RB, WR, C/G.

At Line Backer, and the season started today, we would probably start Johnson, Levy, Carpenter.  I'm ok with this, based on how well Johnson was playing when he got hurt and how Levy came around as the defensive leader.  I don't see a line backer falling to 13 that we would want to draft that high. Foster, Ayres and Carter may all be available in the seond round, and Wright, Herzlich and Sturdivant, may still be available in the third.  I belive we could get a really good linebacker in the second or third round.

At Corner Back, a lot will depend on if we can resign Houston.  Houston, (da Phonz) Smith and Vasher are a good group to put on the field.  We have some good depth in Berry and Miller (or maybe McDonald and Pratt).  The problem is, how far do you reach in the first round.  Jimmy Smith is falling on most of the places I check.  Is Harris really good enough to be taken at 13? Or is there better value elsewhere. Amukamara has been dropping but I do not think he will reach down to us.  If we don't think we can resign Houston, then this becomes even more of a need.

Running back is hard.  Best played injured all season. Smith may not be back and he hasn't played as well as we would like.  Morris is very expensive but was our best runner last year at the end of the season.  We will probably keep Felton as our short yardage/power back.  Our running game was weak most of the year.  At 13 we may want to look at Mark Ingram or Mikel LeShoure.

Wide Reciever.  Most everyone is down on Bryant Johnson.  Ok, I don't see Clark, Williams and Moore making the team.  I see us as having Calvin Johnson, Nate Burleson, and then a gap until we get Logan and Toone.  That makes Julio Jones a real possibility if he is still there at 13.

C/G.  We have picked up Thomas at Guard, he is our only backup G.  We have Gerberry and Gandy as our only backup C's.  Some one who could play center and guard that we could groom would be a good pick.  Would you reach for Stefan Wisneiwski?

A lot would have been shown by an active free agent campainge.  For example we picked up FA Coleman for a safety.  With Delmas and Spivey at Safety and Coleman and Wendling as backups, I don't see Saftey as a big need.  The only way I'd see a drafted Safety is if he is the best player available in a later round.  I would have liked to see more free agent visits to help fill in a couple of roster spots.

If we resign Stanton, I see us as having a QB and/or a D-lineman we could trade.  Perhaps we could bundle our number one with a Quarterback and Defensive End and then trade up.  The Bills really need a Quarterback, D-Line and could still address a need with pick number 13.  If we got to #3, we could get Miller or Amukamara.  Heck, Peaterson may still be there.

It would be nice to trade down.  Julio Jones may not be available at #13, with the Vikings needing Wide Reciever.  The Vikes may go Quarterback though.  Trading down would give us an extra pick.  Unlike the past few years, I don't see us adding as many new players this year, so an extra pick may not be that nice of a deal.  Trading down though would make me happier with Harris, Smith, Foster or Wisneiwski in the first round.

With no trades, my pick would be Julio Jones, a play making wide reciever, if he's available at 13 or Mark Ingram, the hiesman trophy winning running back. 

This is based not on our need but the best player available that is at a position we need.  As always, this is just my opinion.  The front office will make a better choice than I ever could.  They may decide one of the D-linemen coming out are just too good to pass up, or like me just take Nate Soldier because he is the one you really like.

What are your thoughts?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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